Enemies can pick up our shield boosters?!?

I was in the Slaughter Shaft on my Big Boom Blaster Moze and I had a booster fly towards and enemy who’s shield I just depleted and the booster disappeared and the enemies shield filled back up. Ummmm wtf is this a consequence of them adding auto pick up to boosters? I was really confused by this it wasn’t the the first or last time I saw Bandits shields fill up seemingly at randome while they where walking around.

I use a Bloodletter/ Deathless Big Boom Blaster set up so the boosters end up every where. Naturally this was the only conclusion I could come to. Is there something else to this? I’m a bit baffled right now to be honest.

Would explain my inconsistency when using this shield in an aggressive manner.

Yes anbody including Npcs and enemy npcs can pick them up from what I’ve seen.

I tried warning people that they would have to balance it someway so it wouldn’t suddenly make the shields over powered. It looks like they chose to balance it by making it so all npcs including enemies can pick them up as well.

Or all of us that have witnessed that are hallucinating or something.

I doubt it’s a balancing choice. More like a bug due to a rushed change to Booster shields. I imagin the WTF is somewhat problematic now If an enemy picks up the booster before it explodes. Auto pick up has needed more attention since they enabled it for boosters. The Pill Shield you get from that side quest on Promethea is basicly a troll shield in Co-OP now as you can drop downers and watch your friends pick them up.

Most of the Legendary Booster shields have positives and negatives. The Big Boom Blaster has around 4k capacity. This requires a clever build to accommodate like Zane’s Calm Cool Collected Distrubuted denial, or Moze with a Deatheless Bloodletter set up.

As for the booster parts on other shields the benefits are ok and the drop rates much lower and less consistent. Even if you DOT yourself to booster your drop opportunities I would hardly consider most Boosters OP.

I highly doubt it was something they chose to do lol. All of their changes come with unforseen side-effects that they don’t flesh out with proper testing, nothing new.

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