Enemies getting stuck/not appearing during mutator rounds

Has anyone else had this happen to them? It seems like I have a streak of bad luck as the last 3 attempts have all been ended by an enemy that glitch through the walls and never comes back most of the time.

Eventually sitting around and waiting might cause them to come back but this is still a very frustrating thing to have happen, especially with the whole “failing this quest can mess up the chests for a while” problem.

I’ve seen it happen a few times, luckily I could still use splash damage to kill them. Once a psycho got stuck in that spawning warp gate thingy, had to throw a few transfusion grenades to find him

What I’ve seen fairly often though, is enemies somehow flying up into the sky. They’ll do one of those cheesy leaps and just never stop going upwards, it’s actually quite a hilarious sight, except for the fact that I’m supposed to kill them. Luckily, when this happens, they die by themselves after about a minute, but it’s still pretty weird, and one time self-esteem did it which was no joke, since shadow-trap had his shield up all that time.

I have it happen most with click baits and other flyers getting stuck in the badly textured wall on one side of the arena, some times they fly up pretty high and even wolf wont track them anymore.

For me it was a badass glitch, I was waiting for him to land so I could get a proper bead on him, but he was like

I know how that is, its just very frustrating to bust your ass only to have one guy go and hide outside of the map from you until either your will breaks or he finally comes back down 20 minutes later.

Happens quite often and it’s the worst just watching my avalanche stacks plummet.

I saw it happen once I think. an enemy like fell through the floor I could see his dot on the map then after like a min or two he just died somehow and the next round started

Doesn’t the diadem fly off through walls ect to hit enemies? Or do they get so far away that even the pathfinding for diadem/wolf can’t deal with them?

Same, there’s either

  • enemy stuck in a wall - use some singularity grenade to get him out.
  • flying enemy going into space - move into a corner far away from him, he’ll eventually despawn and the round will continue
  • flying enemy aggroing on new-U’d team mates at the gallery and stuck high up the respawn building - they can be sniped / shot. Being Nisha or Aurelia helps.

When they fly/get stuck up high, it can’t get them.