Enemies hit like a truck at lvl 61

I’m not sure how much the damage increase was per level after 57 on enemies but it seems I’m getting two shotted all the time at lvl 60. A regular non named enemy 2 shots and depleted my shield lol then 2 more and I was in FFYL.

When I was at lvl 57 I could do slaughter shaft now I’m getting annihilated. I love it though, I need a challenge. I’ll make new builds and maybe spec into a survival tree a little bit instead of pure dps. I’m just seeing has anyone else experienced this or is it just me?


Me? when i play rakk fl4k i always get 2 shotted


Its a glitch with flak my amara and moze dont sometimes my shield goes down and nobody is shooting me use photo mode and you will see its strange my whole shield just pops there my be some kind of delay with the enemies not sure might be a modifier glitch.


@hk.spm123 I’m yet to do a Fl4k playthrough but my main is Amara. Amara is pretty tanky well atleast she was prior to lvl cap increase lol I only worried really for names enemies or bad asses but now I’m getting 2 shorted by a zealot.

@bleerice28 It very well might be I’m not sure of it, I watched a popular twitch streamer moxsy play earlier and it was the first time I saw him rage quit a maliwan takedown lol he was using moze and went into FFYL atleast 15 times.

Are You using new Maliwan Sniper? It insta kills You if You doesn’t hide behind cover.

No, I haven’t even started the DLC yet, I’m going to start today. I tried do a maliwan takedown and got my ass handed to me. Enemies feel like they hit 2x stronger.

What you need is a shield like Stop gap to grand you 5 secs invincibility after the shield is depleted.

What’s your build? After this patch came out I killed myself a few times with Duct Tape Mod on Zane because I picked up an M10 Grenade and it just does a metric ton of damage.

Noticed the opposite on moze. I barely need to heal(don’t use grenade heal just sprint to heal). Seems mobs are doing nothing for damage about 95 percent of the damage I take is from myself.

They have 0 idea how to balance this game. I’ve given up for now. It sucks that they have ruined what was once my favourite game series.


Yeah I feel like self damage is worse than ever now. :frowning:


@janejana I don’t have any proof of this, just going off feel, but I believe that when they tried to fix environmental damage to make it scale to enemies (but not the player) with Mayhem level, I think they screwed it up somehow and made all environmental damage affect the player more heavily too.

I am noticing CONSIDERABLY more damage being done to me by spinner lasers, cryo tag bombs, and AOE in water puddles that are elementally infused. All of these will kill you really quickly now, whereas before you had to kind of linger around those things in order to go down. Enemy splash also appears to have been increased.

Just what I feel like I am seeing from playing on the new patch for maybe 10 hours or so at this point.


This feels correct. The stupid freeze tag orbs seem to be doing more damage and the elemental damage is really dangerous From the lava pools spawned under enemies.

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@Dalbuc A Maliwan Heavy will down you in a hot second. That was not the case at level 57 M10. They would down you with 5 or 6 direct shots maybe? Now it’s 2 or 3 shots at most. The turret from Wotan’s upper half also will down you REALLY quickly.


ive certainly noticed im going into FFYL way more often. some of these mobs are doing way more damage than they’re supposed to.


@gelboy I really think it is environmental and enemy splash.

And I agree. I almost never went down at Level 57, only in a TTD. Now I am going down quite a bit - same build, same playstyle.

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Definitely. Skag pups are tickling me, but a badass with a rocket launcher takes out 90% of my health on one shot…

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Agree, some things don’t seem to scale correctly. I’ve had numerous insta-downs (no healthgate, no nothing) with Zane of all characters., something I can only attribute to environmental hazards like spinners or elemental pools that don’t actually render into the game as models but still deal several ticks of deal damage.

Getting it on Moze is just par for the course, but if I stand there doing nothing, should a single suicide unit running up to IB with a molotov be able to take out roughly 1 million armor in one instance of damage?

Splash and grenade damage in this franchise is a huge, unwieldy and frequently broken mess, there are so many exceptions to every rule (and there are lots of rules) that the only thing you can be certain of is that it’s going to behave unpredictably.
As such I wouldn’t be surprised if a piece of code somewhere isn’t working as intended.

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@tysonyar Watch mosxy live stream he got annihilated on the maliwan takedown and kept getting put into FFYL. Hes one of the best players out there lol. I thought it was just me at first.