Enemies - live or die?

New types of enemies?

Get rid of certain types of enemies?

I for one have a couple types as my sworn enemies: Varkids and those ridiculous skyscrapers, the … I don’t even recall what they’re called. The spiders with a leg-growth disease. The earthwporms are next on the list, but they’re manageable, just annoying as heck. These will most likely be noticed if not present in BL 3, but I’ll reach the same height as these overgrown, acid-spitting vermites before I miss any of these jerk-bags.

Why do you not like Varkids? They are so CUUUUTEEEE :3 >.<
I’d get rid of Stalkers. Or at least make US able to dash around to dodge everything. The one thing I don’t like on the Borderlands series is how enemies can dodge, jump around and evade in all imaginable ways, while we can only walk and jump.

I hate stalkers too. Ever play Resident Evil 6? It’s third person but you can dodge a bunch of different ways. Jump backward, roll forward and to either side, slide by enemies and drop remote bombs. The controls were awesome but the game was pretty much garbage otherwise. There really isn’t a way to be able to do that kind of stuff in a first person shooter. The skeletons in TTADK were the biggest problem for me. I tried all kinds of different elements against them and for some reason, had a hard time hitting them. I use explosive against them now but the first few times I played dragon keep, I didn’t have any good explosive weapons.

Where to start with these guys… They’re annoying, firstly, disgusting, which they might have been intended to be - good job, Gearbox - the Queens are one heck of a hassle to take down - they’re also the ones worth keeping, if any -, they scream and startle me to death (which is normally fine but these idiots unjustify this to such a degree!). The Caustic Caverns, aesthetically, is one of my favorite locations, but the Varkids (I realise this place won’t be muc h without them, I do) kind of ruin that sentiment. The earthworms (I forgot their names) are a slightly different matter, and the Crystalisks I think are a fun edition, but the VARKIDS!

And yes, I agree on the Stalkers, though they’re only annoying in my book, and not subject to possible termination (other than in-game, of course). Thing is, if the Vault Hunters had teleportation and invisibility technology - which would make for a heck of a lot more unstandardised and interesting combat experience if other, maybe special ranks among more common enemy types would have them as well - I think with the possible weapons, skills and shields already at our disposal would present a sky-rocketing level of impregnability. Maybe too OP, but that’s my thoughts, anyway. Not objecting to it - maybe it could be a skill further down a survival tree or something, pertaining to a certain playable character…

Stalkers are annoying. Rabid Stalkers are annoying +tax and deposit.

Skeleton Mages are another enemy I could do without.

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Surveyors, Stalkers, Rakks, Ralph Macchio’s left ear, Dog pillows and Plastic cups are all enemies I can do without… But what if there were other vault hunters as enemies, like a cult of vault hunters determined to worship and work for the vault um… alien thing? And they could have special abilities too. That’d be cool. Kind of like the phantoms in dark souls

Haven’t played the RE series, but I’ve seen some on Youtube. Just too still-standing and slow for me. I’m not a Doom 2016 or Brink kind of pacemaker (pun totally intended, I you catch that part), but I prefer at least a little more leeway at least than just narrow corridors and zombies around ever turn (you see my feeble mind only keeping up with RE: Zero or whatever t’s called, which I bet in itself isn’t doing the series as a whole much justice). I did watch the films though, which I like. Funny how, as far as I know, there are next to no felements between the two except for zombies, Umbrella, maybe some locations and the STARs, which appear rarely in the films at all, unless they’re pracically revolving around them as Alice’s “fan base”.

Now, I HAVE played games in First Person that had incorporated dodge mechanics, which resulted in slight dashes on the camera. Honestly, given the somewhat disorienting feel it gives to me doing this, I do prefer a more “linear” control mechanic.

Just the skeletons in general, in you ask me, though I doubt they’ll return in 3 seeing as they only appeared in a single DLC precisely because they were only suited for that particular setting.

Agreed. I just dislike them enough that I had to add them in.

That’d be pretty epic, I think. Kind of like with Nisha and Wilhelm appearing as bosses in 2 and playable in TPS. Except that the HVs we fight in 3 may not ever be playable, since Nisha and Wilhelm were only there as background-fodder in TPS. Regular VHs don’t really have a story they tell, as I see it from both 1 and 2.

Don’t really get the Ralp, dog pillows and plastic cups though, but whatever floats your boat. Rakks are kind of iconic though, even if Elpis didn’t have them at all.

True. And the bloody Mimics.

I hate:
Adult Varkids (Just the ones that auto drop in Caustic Caverns)
Rift Threshers
Skeleton Mages
EXP Loaders
Rabid Anything
Poison Stalkers
Assassin Oney

BA buzzards and surveyors, and skeleton mages. If you’re not Maya or don’t have one in your party, they’re all pretty bad.

Ugh, I forgot to mention these. They are right at the top of my hate list.

Although, I want to see a Tubby Surveyor!

So bad. As a Zer0 player, I’ll never forget how awful those and BA buzzards were on my first UVHM grind. Surveyors are slightly less obnoxious since they fly in predictable patterns. Hate them both with a burning passion though. lol

Edit: I did say in that other topic how I would love to see tubby everything though. It would be so good, yet so bad.

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Tubby Constructor?

Actually, what would be awesome if there was a 1/1000 chance any of the bosses could spawn as a tubby. Sure the fight would be crazy hard, but OH THE REWARD!!

Oh man, I would love that. Tubby BNKR and Saturn!? Yes please!

My co-op partner and I always talk about how awesome the Peak would be if you could get tubbies and midgets in there as well. Now combine that with our tubby bosses…OP8 double Tubby Saturns!

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…I would diiiiiiie so hard.

What about the 3 Doc Mercys? Or OMGWTF?

TUBBY BUNK3R!! It would look like the Death Star.

@Gearbox: This NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN BL3!!! It would make life AWESOME!!!

How did I forget the constructors!? Good god, I hate those things!

Ever imagined if enemies can “only” move like players do? If at least Bandits can “only” move like us, I can only imagine how many midget shotgunners (or any shotgun wielding enemies) would sprint then jump above my head to shoot their shotguns and one shot me, until I write them as pesky enemies in this thread. They could also jump while strafing indefinitely with this moves, which could be even more annoying to non-Close Enough users.

The only type of enemies I hate is the Marauders who kept running backwards at almost player sprint speed while firing their weapons (and have aimbot), because that’s already (or almost) inside the scope of being dangerous in my previous paragraph’s case (where the enemies have player like movement, and here they still have limited movements but improved).