Enemies not scaling in Multiplayer

I’m in my friend’s game, and all the enemies are extremely low level. I’m level 28, and enemies and loot are around Level 7. My friend is level 43, and he has Cooperative mode on. What’s going on?

Ive noticed that it doesnt really scale up as much. if I run through a low level area of the game at max level, they will be at that level.

also, make sure cooperative mode is on, because the other mode is coopetition. some people might see the coop, and get confused.

Yeah, but I shouldn’t be seeing Level 10 Enemies in Atlas HQ. Even the drops aren’t worth it, as they’re all low levels. The only thing that wasn’t complete garbage was the Level 9 Cloning Hex I got when we were running through the Anvil after a couple of hours of playing, and that’s not even useful for any character I currently have.

If you are on normal play through and not in TVHM, the story missions have a max level.

If your friend is over leveled for the mission, him being 43 and the mission being 25, all the enemies you see will be 18 levels lower than you because of him being over leveled.

I have tested this, on xbox, a few times and its always the same. Once you hit TVHM than everything scales to party leader.

What’s really wonky, is when you leave that low level loot lying around then the Lost Loot machine spits it out at an even lower level - sometimes all the way down to level 1.

But if you’re level 50 and low level gear is being dropped, the Lost Loot machine will level it up to 50 - or it was bugging out on me.

Anyway… scaling is odd.

Got a weird one… my hubby and I were playing today cooperative (I’m 44th Amara, he is 47th Fl4K), his campaign Mayhem mode 2. We were doing a bit of farming and exploring the event. A third person comes with us (Moze 20-something), and multiple times when we “re-log into the game” the third person’s first drops are all 1st level.

No idea what’s going on. Thank goodness it didn’t happen on the legendaries.