Enemies or no enemies inThousand Cuts

I use to run the Thousand Cuts for Loot Midgets. With Maya there´s no enemies but when I run with Sal there are. Why is that? What I know, I´ve done same things in TC but still the difference.

Anybody knows why?

If you have “Jocko’s Modern Strife” mission active (the one to defend the container in slab territory) you won’t see Slabs during your run, but should see Hyperion bots if you head over and run up to the bunker.

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Thank you very much for fast answer!!!
Now I can farm for LLM with Sal without enemies that bothers me.

Appreciated your help

You only need to have the mission in your list, not active to stop the enemy appearing. Its the same with the WLP, if you have the mission ‘Animal Rights’ in your list, many of the enemies don’t appear when you spawn in the middle to farm the LLM’s. Its a myth that you have to have missions active, they just have to be in your list.

I was meaning ‘active’ as in ‘accepted’; I usually call the currently selected mission the ‘current’ one. Sorry for any confusion of terminology!

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No confusion for me :wink:

What happens if the mission is done? Do the old enemies spawn again? I never tested it.

Yes. Once you do the mission and turn it in, it’s back to the normal mayhem whenever you visit. I think that’s why people recommend leaving it open - it makes getting to Bunker just that bit easier.

And farming for midgets.