Enemies out damaging the heal beam

I have a problem with characters out damaging the healing output of the beam. I was healing this montana the other day and a rath came along and started wailing on them but even tho i was healing him with biosythesis active he still went down. After killing the montana he then went after me.Maybe miko needs a healing rate increase? allies are still dying even tho Im healing them.

It is not intended for Miko to be able to heal an ally faster than the ally is being damaged, as far as I can tell. It is to sustain an ally in-combat or provide out-of-combat top ups, and it works well when used like this.

You can surprise the heck out of someone going all in on an ally when your heal beam keeps them up a few extra seconds, which sounds minimal but means a lot.


I’d have to agree that you shouldn’t guarantee that Miko in Biosythesis should outperform dps of an attacking character, because then its just an invincibility cloak basically.

Although I have heard someone run the numbers on Miko’s healing potential, without gear, and the highest output (meaning mushroom included with biosynthesis active) he can heal for more health per second than any characters dps.

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I actually haven’t had much trouble keeping people up if the player I’m healing plays well.
If the player you’re healing kites correctly, does good damage for his class or just uses his skills well, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.
I believe there is an upgrade for Biosynthesis which increases healing done by the beam, so use that if you think the damage is going to be too bad.
You also need to kite well while healing, no need have the player you’re healing worry about you unnecessarily.

The problem I have is that alot of characters are still able to kill a player being healed. Its a little unfair in my opinion.

Well, if that happens to me, it’s usually because I start using some other ability or attacking somebody for half a second and then return to beaming people. Which is often enough of a break in heals for people to get too low and die.
If that’s not your case at all, then I think you might just need more practice, more matches under your belt and so on.

I probably do need to play more but I just wish I could save more people from death.

A lot of what I have found is that people who die even while you are healing them are often standing in the wrong place anyway. In a fair 1v1 you often should be fine especially with Biosynth active but if they are in enemy territory and you rush to save them, that’s down to them not you. Definitely sucks when you loose someone but still, can be them more than you that causes it at times.

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