Enemies that slow you down

So I’m making a list of all movement speed multipliers in BL2 (and TPS as well) and I’m trying to think of all the enemies that can put a debuff on you that reduces your movement speed. So far I have the Crippling Witch Doctors in the Hammerlock and Crawmerax DLCs as well as the spiders in the Tina DLC (at least the Sorcerer’s Daughter, not sure about other spiders). But there’s gotta be more, right? Any ideas? And if anyone knows an enemy in TPS (aside from enemies that freeze you), I’d appreciate that as well.

Edit: There’s also Spiderants, Skeleton Archers, Sorcerers, Necromancers, Ironclad Skeletons, Skags and Savage Hunters.


Spiderants and Treshers.

Thanks, totally forgot about Spiderants for some reason lol. In what way do Threshers debuff you though?

iirc their projectiles slows you down, also tentacles attack and rift.

Hmm, can’t think of any Thresher projectiles that slow you down and not sure what you mean by tentacles attack. As for the singularity effect from Rift Threshers, that doesn’t affect your movement speed stat, it’s kinda just like knockback but in the opposite direction.

Maybe I remember it wrong then.

Thanks anyway, I did just remember another one though: the Savage Hunters in the Hammerlock DLC, the ones that throw spears at you.

That’s true, but a Wormhole thresher certainly stops you dead in your tracks. It’s not a slow-down D.O.T., but it does imobilize you.

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Technically, yeah, but it’s as much of a hindrance to your movement as getting knocked back by an enemy or explosion. And if you run towards the Thresher your speed is increased instead. I’m just looking for modifiers of the movement speed stat, things like the Hoplite or Bane but coming from enemies.

And I will say, I’m glad it’s so few. Two things I really dislike in shooters, things that slow you down and things that obscure your vision.
Spiderants can do both, ugh.

Does remind me, when I first started BL2 long ago I remember I was disappointed to see the environmental effects (snow and wind) on Windshear Waste, I thought the whole game would have those irritating effects. Was very happy when they cleared up after a few minutes and never came back.