Enemies won’t die

So I am on the slaughterstar I am on Round 5 Wave 1 it’s me and one Med trooper I got this in the bag I think as I start to tear away the mans shield and health he did a weird little dance then once his health bar hit zero he kept shooting! Now there’s not many things that irritate me bout the game but a lot of these bugs are just unbearable at this point he has no health and is still alive and as far as I am aware of the only thing that can fix this problem is to kill myself and lose the round and that’s just ridiculous


I had a Maliwan melee trooper glitch out where he wouldn’t die even though his health bar was empty. I was using a Transformer shield at the time so he couldn’t kill me either with his shock baton.

So my friend and I had the exact same problem with a med trooper on the last wave of the last round of slaughter star. We were stumped for awhile, but eventually we figured out that he could use his siren ability to knock the med trooper off the edge. If you’re not a siren, I’d recommend trying a grenade or rocket launcher to knock him off. If you don’t have those, welp you’re probably phucked


Sliding into them or using a shotgun will work for small to normal size enemies.

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Ran into this bug in Slaughterstar mayhem 3 with the current patch. Triage trooper was at 0 and not dying despite dots dmg stacked on him.

Tried pushing him off a ledge with shotgun but couldnt and had to die to reset…


Happened to me too. You know, the enemies can cheat sometimes too!

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I have an image of it happening to me

Couldn’t throw him off the edge because my skag was always in the way, but in other news I didn’t know raids were already in the game!
Sneaky sneaky gearbox thought we wouldn’t notice…

This happened to me!! I managed to get him off the edge with the shotgun while sliding. Thank god!!! I did not want to start over.

Same s**t different day…
Our whole 4 man team had to commit suicide and do the round over on MH3.
One guy was freaking out about the cash to respawn since he needed to unlock 2 more SDU slots.
Another time we did that same 1 playing competitive with a 3 man team we were at the end fighting the giant robots. A guy from my other friend joined on us walked up and somehow reset the mission by talking to the mission giver guy, came out the door, scooped up all the legendary items and quit.
We never got credit for a competition and never got to look at the loot.
Then had to restart all over again on MH3.
Ahhh memories…

Same thing happened to me, i used hellwalker to make him fly over the side

i used hellwalker shotgun and quasar to push him off the map

So, I had the same issue. I beat both the robots and all the enemies on Slaughter star 3000 M6. It took me a solid 30min, but you can knock him off the ledge. I recommend having one of the Negating Infinity pistols incase you are low on ammo and the hellwalker. My issue was the trooper was just chilling in the middle of the map. I shot at him and would walk away, 10ft at a time. Once he is on the boardwalk to the lower level he will drop down at you. Stand by the ledge and once close, just keep hitting with the hell walker until he falls off. Total BS glitch.