Enemis Target me when in Decepti0n

Recently started doing solo OP leveling and I am noticing a ton of enemies like to turn towards me when I get close to them during Decepti0n. At first I though it was positioning but then I would throw my Decoy to compensate and make wide turns around enemies but some times they would still turn at me. I do not think any got much of a chance to attack me but it was still odd that they would turn to look at me while stealth.

Try throwing your decoy into solid objects like a wall or some other structure of some sort. This usually throws off the AI and should make it easier for you to get behind them…

Never seen this happen myself or do I remember anyone ever mentioning a problem like this. Is it possible for you to record a short video of the phenomenon?

While it’s not like we don’t use multiple exploits in this game this is one of the more clear cases of obviously not working as intended and I know people who refuse to use it because it’s so cheesy.

Not that you can’t use it if you want but this is a little bit like suggesting Pimp+Duuurp as a first solution to a Sal player who has trouble mobbing :smiley: