Enemy AI Broken at Miasma Crater (Dahl Abandon)

I’ve seen a few instances of this elsewhere, but it’s most noticeable at Dahl Abandon, in the Miasma (Crater?).

There’s a skag spawn there that consistently ends up with baddies de-aggroing or, more commonly, simply freezing in the middle of a fight.

Here’s an example. When they freeze, I can get right up in the face of a rabid skag…and pick it’s teeth without taking a scratch :slight_smile:

Anyone else experience this? Takes the fun out of the fight!

There’s also a bunch of spots where portions of the audio in the game disappear (such as the slot machine at Moxxi’s not making a sound during operation or elevators not doing the same).

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There’s regular skag varieties in the dlc?