Enemy called the Iron God

Can across this video and I’m curious has anyone killed this Golem as an “Iron God”?

If so what level, mode and gear did you go into this with in order to down him and what if any interested loot did he drop.

Done as both Sal and Maya. Sal had the Unkempt Harold and Grog Nozzle, storm front grenade, relic that boosted explosive damage, and of course a bee shield. Equipment was OP 8 and the Iron God was level 72, cause I’m cheap like that.

Maya was pretty much the same.

Didn’t drop anything interesting, just fun to fight.

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I’ve fought him twice, once at 61 and once at op8. He doesn’t drop anything good but it’s a cool fight I guess

I have fought it twice on Salvador using the Deputy Build. Used level 72 equipment on the level 80 Iron God. Every time the Iron Golem gets a kill after it gets its core knocked out it levels up. For the first few kills you have to help it out as it does not do enough damage to counter enemy health regeneration unless it corners someone so slagging the Iron Golem’s target helps it greatly. Once it gets a couple levels though Iron Golem’s won’t need much in the line of help.

Once they reach Iron God they–especially on OP8–become extremely hard to kill as they have the highest damage resistance of any enemy, surpassing raid bosses in fact.