Enemy cold damage vs. shock damage; telling them apart

So I stepped away for a while and have come back to play some more…

I STILL have difficulty telling the difference between cold and shock enemy attacks. It’s not all the time; sometimes it is obvious, but many times I simply can’t tell until I get hit. Doubly annoying when I have a Transformer shield.

I would LOVE if they made shock yellowish or made cold purple or some other totally different color.

Anyone else have this issue, or is there some trick you have that makes it easy for you to tell the difference?

Like the color of the incoming fire tracers? I usually tell when I pick up a frost effect or my shield vanishes. :laughing:

If it makes you slow, it’s probably cryo. That aside, shock is light blue and has sparkly effects whereas cryo is white and has an effect that looks a little like dry ice vapors.

I am usually aware of cryo damage because of the crunching icy sound and the reduction in movement speed.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know when I’ve been HIT by one or the other…

…but with a Transformer shield I WANT to be hit by shock and I still don’t want to be hit by cryo… so it makes a difference in gameplay if I can’t tell the difference.