Enemy collector fades in and out in Great Wastelands (Part 2)


instead of destroying the enemy collectors I wanted to salvage them. It worked fine with two of them but I was unable to salvage the third, the salvage ships would dock but not move anymore. Then I requested them to “stop” and they disengaged. Then I tried destroying the collector but it would fade in and out of the game, like becoming invisible and visible again. Every time it became visible I had to reissue the attack command. I have a video and savegame if needed.

Also, even after having successfully salvaged the other two collectors they’re still surrounded with the objective marker. I can control them and they work, but doubleclicking them does not select my other collectors. But this is a minor problem.

I’m also pretty sure that I “lost” an enemy carrier that was supposed to have been salvaged but I don’t have a savegame for that. I ordered the command, left the computer, came back and the carrier was nowhere to be found.

I had a very similar issue with trying to salvage a collector. I was unable to complete the mission.

Dust clouds conceal enemy ships from you (a Homeworld 2 mechanic); this is likely why those harvesters were such a pain to track down, as you don’t have anything that can cut through the interference and detect them from range. When an enemy fades out like that, send your ships to wherever you last saw it- you should be able to detect it once you get very close. Fortunately, the dust clouds in Mission 5 aren’t very big; you should be able to search them without too many more headaches.

The objective marker bug occurs with every ship so marked- I captured the marked missile corvette in Mission 2 and the carrier in mission 5; both markers remained on the tagged ships until I jumped to the next mission (at which point the markers should go away). As you’ve noted, the marker’s presence doesn’t interfere with any orders you issue to the ship, it’s just a minor annoyance.

As for the carrier… did you set all of your ships to Passive tactics? HWR uses HW2’s behavior set, which means that any ships set to Defensive tactics will still pursue enemies on their own initiative as long as another allied ship is near said enemy. Furthermore, ships are still treated as hostile targets (even though they can’t move or fire on their own after the salvage corvettes are locked on) until they are processed into your fleet, so any of your ships along that carrier’s path back to the Mothership would have treated it according to their tactics setting rather than ignoring it as a non-threat. Could it be that, while you were away, some of your ships attempted to “defend” your salvage corvettes and destroyed the carrier in the process?

Resource collector’s that are latched onto something at the time of being salvaged become unmovable.