Enemy collision: bug or working as intended?

I have a semi-recurring issue where an enemy bumps up against me when I’m against an object and I end up pinned without the ability to move. Being unable to move is a quick death sentence on TVHM M4.

I assume collision is a purposeful thing in BL3…as NPCs regularly block doorways on Sanctuary and other places trapping you inside rooms and such but I’m wondering if preventing player movement when you end up between enemies and objects is a design decision or just a byproduct of the collision system?

Also, what purpose does this collision system serve exactly? I remember in EQ there was player collision and it made some sense in that game being a competitive PVE experience. I remember when racing for the contested raid target Emperor Ssraeshza who is in a room accessed by a long narrow hallway we used Enchanters to cast Ogre illusion on people in our raid so we could stand in the hallway and block the other guild from entering the room to contest the kill. I loved that we could do that and thought it was a rather brilliant strat but I don’t really see what purpose the NPC collision serves in this game other than to be annoying.

Ive had this happen a few times. Its usually the ratch that get me. The npc blocking is just dumb. Ive had to fast travel out of my sanctuary room because of idiot blocking the door.

Lol I hate looking around not seeing anything then taking massive damage from 1 lonely ratch that was missed. He gets extra bullets in his corpse.

So nobody knows if this is intended or a bug? I die from this way too often and it’s so infuriating. Was just trying to kill the Chonk Stomp (huge dino in Floodmoor Basin) and he does this charge attack. I’m using the object in the center to help avoid attacks but he charges into me…because of this stupid enemy collision I can’t move or do anything but die? How can this be intended?

Had this happen to me in the Heist. A ratch pinned me against a trash can, and I couldn’t do anything. I don’t think it’s necessarily intended or a bug. I’d call it an unintended side effect of a system that’s working as intended. :wink:

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Re: why collision.

Enemies tend to get tankier enemies in your path when weak enemies are low on health. Especially in FFYL. If you could crawl through them to get a weak enemy, it’d be kinda cheesey. Getting stuck…less intended. My clone gets me stuck in the floor a lot.

I’m usually a blood thirsty robot or a beautiful woman that can punch a dragon to death yet a a tink can overpower them and pin them to a wall, this is mind numbing.

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I get that people say the collision part is intended. However, I would think some coding checks to ensure this never prevents the player from being unable to move would also be possible. If player character movement is prevented collisions are briefly put on cooldown for a couple seconds or the enemies start moving slightly or something.

Also, just to the point that enemies use the collision to “block” other enemies…I think the bigger thing is targeting not collision. If an enemy is between me and my intended target it’s my inability to shoot at the target that blocks me not the collision unless maybe you are playing a melee build. In any event, you should be able to move around the character not be stuck in place (ever). That is a bigger deal than whatever small immersion or tactical effect collision is supposed to add IMO.

Being unable to move in this game on max difficulty is quick death. This should not be a thing IMO.