Enemy Player "Lag-Switching" Our Team

We started a Meltdown match on Coldsnap. One of their team members had disconnected, but as we were looking at the scoreboard we noticed that one of the other enemy player’s ping was in the red (JakeEatsHP). Then funny stuff started happening. Everybody’s ping stared to drop into yellow/red, minions and enemies were just bouncing all around the place, but it only seemed to affect our team. The other team was dealing damage to us reliably while we were shooting at where they were a second ago. Then their Montana was able to get to a place that is not supposed to be accessible. We’ve reported the players to Microsoft. BANZAIKAZZY, JakeEatsHP, Zectry. Jake had sent a message to our team at the beginning of the match saying “lol.” We sent them a message asking them to stop, they replied with “oops, lol.”

Match ID: 20160518-85765e21-72fb-49ad-9ef6-7ebf9f56ca4e