Enemy Random Anchor Drops (Story Mode)

Curious if there has been any talk or mention about having the AI spawn/ Anchors at random locations so that every map is not so predictable as to where the next wave will be located at. I’m a huge battleborn fan with over 140 hours and foresee plenty more hours.

I would love a bit of variation in enemy spawns and even spawn points it’s too easy to figure out where the heavily flooded areas will be.

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agreed. glad im not the only way. :smile:

Although if you want a challenge you can always play 5 man teams in advanced. Doesn’t matter if you know where they will spawn they spawn in such a great number that well you are screwed in the end no matter what lol.

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All advanced beat except for last mission. Will complete it easily soon once a few more mains are good with the last mission. If you have xb1 add me zombiefan504. I’m a master Kleeser. Lol

Sadly I’m ps4 but I know how you feel heliophage is a very tricky map to finish. You just need to have the right team comp. healer, two damage dealers and one tank. Maybe two tanks if you feel you need it

Yup. For me I can beat anymap with issac in his tank mode. Sucks this isn’t cross platform… Lol

Also I know this has nothing to do with the discussion but I’m a master of whisky, gali, orendi, Shayne and aurox, and caldarius, I prefer the faster attack speed with most characters but when playing mellka I usually do a tank build. Because 2600 life mellka with health regen is amazing

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I cannot beat the experiment without a good team it’s always on the verge of losing haha

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