Enemy respawn timers

can u please fix the damn respawn timers on ememies…i can totally understand if i leave an area and come back for the enemies to be back again but when i clear out an area and search it and they respawn back while im searching that is extremely frustrating especially when they send 3 bullet sponge maliwan heavys and 2 nogs everytime and ones always a badass…please tweak this so enemies dont respawn in an area until u leave and come back to said area


It just means you aren’t clearing the area fast enough. Look into upgrading your gear.

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my gear is fine im level 20 running all level 20 guns and gear its the game…u spend 15 mins killing everyone in an area then spend another 15 mins looting all the loot containers and exploring and they respawn right on top of you…its stupid game design…if i leave the area and come back its understandable but while im in the area there should be a respawn lockout unless of course its a scripted event…and you can only clear the area so fast when maliwan heavys take like 30 clips to down a piece

Just because you have level 20 guns doesn’t mean they are good. There are a lot of weapons and combination of parts. Just get better gear.

some of my guns suck an some destroy i dont use the bad guns i use the best ones i have but some enemys still take insane amounts of bullets to put down…besides my gear doesnt have anything to do with enemys respawning after i clear them out when im still in the same area…never said i had trouble killing i said i dont like enemies respawning when im still in an area i just cleared out

I honestly don’t think this is about getting better gear. It’s not about how fast I kill the enemies. In BL2, there was a lot more time before enemies respawned. In BL3, they respawn a lot faster.

This is made more difficult by the fact that the ammo chests don’t reset at the same rate. I cleared an area, then accidentally wandered back into it a couple of minutes later, and BOOM, everybody was back … but there were no ammo crates left to loot.

I agree with OP. They need to tone down the enemy respawn a tad.

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I don’t know about tone down per se… But I could definitely understand making the respawn time frame based off player count. Playing co op with my wife I never had this issue, but two people can loot an area much faster. That being said - if there’s 4 people wandering together I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the maps seem dead to them…

At least that doesn’t seem like it would be too much to ask for.

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I don’t really mind it so much, but it does feel like a grind sometimes, like “OH, not again! I just did this!”

With all due respect this is a ridiculous response. Not all time is spent in combat and if I return to a part of the map and ■■■■ has re spawned its probably likely that it was time spent in the inventory or exploring. IMO, enemies shouldn’t re spawn until you leave the instance.


exactly…if i kill everything in an area then start to explore and loot containers then enemies SHOULD NOT respawn until i leave that specific area and return…it should be like a lock out i mean cuz whats the point of killing everything so u can search if its just gonna respawn back in 10 mins or so its so overkill…the skywell level was annoying the hell outta me with this situation becuase i would kill 3 or 4 maliwan heavys then start exploring and before i finish scouring the area BOOM 4 more maliwan heavys its very annoying due to the fact that they can basically 2 shot you with thier elemental attacks when your the same level as them…im so glad im done fighting them and past that point in the story lol…literally NO OTHER ENEMY in the game INCLUDING BOSSES have given me as much trouble as those damn maliwan heavys did

On solo play inventory time pauses the game, you can verify this by vending machine items if the day. If in co op both are in the menus it does the same thing.

There were several adjustments Made to this, in particular bloodshot ramparts was very bad about it being adjusted multiple times.

Early on you could get to the whirlpool and have things start respawning before finishing it.

It will get adjusted, but to be 100 here, this is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention this, so I’m thinking it may be a minute. Lol

you know what since u mentioned it i do remember that annoying area in BL2 now lol…enemies were literally ALWAYS spawing

Nah, it’s never been that way before, and shouldn’t be changed. Honestly, i want more enemies.

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Agree. I would like to see a slider that adjusts the respawn time down by up to ,say, five minutes. It would just mean more time to fiddle with jumping puzzles and searching for claptraps/chests Typhon logs etc. So annoying to have to stop in the middle of something and clear out the area again.

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Another agreement here. I love to find all the hidden chests and things in an area but it’s tedious to have to clear the entire area every few minutes. It also seems like every enemy in the area respawns at the same time. I was leaving one area and had everybody respawn all around me.

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Me too. A badass tank tink as well as an anointed enemy along with nogs on mayhem 3 equals respaen before I can kill them.

I mean. This is a feature, not a bug, because this is exactly how it works in real life, and you can tell gearbox was simply trying to craft an immersive experience for us. Don’t believe me? Try it. Go to a random intersection in a nearby town or city. Destroy all the vehicles. Loot them. Wait a bit, and what happens? Vehicles and badasses swarming all over the place.

So props be unto gearbox for adjusting the respawn rate to match RL because immersive, IMHO.

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God, I swear these forums have more Borderlands spirit than 3 does.

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Real life? But this is a game. In real life enemies don’t respawn. They rot.

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