Enemy units boring?

Anyone else feel that the minions in multiplayer and the enemies in single player are all really generic? I feel like they could have went to borderlands route and made actual humanoids with having some generic robots

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For some, I can see how this is a valid observation. I personally don’t care what they look like, since my focus is solely on smashing faces in during multiplayer matches, but I can see how they would be generic.

You don’t think they’re adorable little robots? The little minions make the cutest noises. Actually, all the minions have quite a bit of character to them.


The single player enemies are mostly crappy models, the multiplayer PvE enemies look much better and really all I care about.

Don’t get me wrong. They have character. But compared to fighting psychos in borderlands, they’re really blocky. No real satisfaction to getting cries and what not. But I’m sure the enemies in the story will be more dynamic. At least I hope so. It wouldn’t make much sense for everything you fight to be robotic or varelsi

The jennerit you play as can’t be the only humanlike members of the jennerit. Hopefully they have normal people like that to fight in story

While I don’t mind the enemies, I agree that the borderlands psychos are much more original. GBX could probably give the minions and enemies a bit more of that crazy personality that they’re known for. Looks like they’ve mostly focused on the player characters this time.

The biggest problem with PvE enemies is balance, most of them are ridiculously weak then you get one or two really strong types (ninja/sniper ones). Some elite enemies like the badasses in borderlands to break up the monotony in between actual bosses would be good too.

They cant look anything like a player character in PvP, gotta look generic to be distinct. Some characters can kind of hide among the minions already!

Aren’t all henchman boring? that’s what they are there for, so you can take them out of miserably boring life. I like ISIC and that robot that thinks he’s a spider, those characters entertained me.

Right but will they be the same boring units in story too? Even all bosses are just gonna be big bullet sponges with objectives? I don’t mind that really. But having regular humanoid bosses is cool too

well, i only played two story levels, im guessing those are not the only enemies we’ll see. im sure the final boss will look humanoid at least in his first form :v

I see were your coming for i dont think they need to be humanoid but just given some personality not loads but to say something when they come at you. The bosses like geff and isic are great but the enemies like the thall, robot minions, verelsi just seem mindless zombies