Enemy vehicle spawns

please tell me im not the only one annoyed by the constant enemy vechicle spawns…i like to explore areas on foot and having a vehicle spawn every 30 seconds makes exploring very annoying…please gearbox tune down the enemy vehicle spawn frequency i mean 3 or 4 vehicles in an area in a row is totally acceptable but i literally just had to blow up 15 vehicles in less than 5 mins in the same small area smh

Yes, they spawn way too often.

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i was on the part near the left side of acsension bluffs and i literally had one spawn every 30 seconds…i must of blown up like 30 vehicles in that section alone in like 15 mins…blow one up 15 seconds later i hear another one coming lol…super annoying

Doesnt help in tvhm mh levels they blow up your vehicle in seconds . The vehicles dont scale well at all. Bl2 i never had vehecle issues at op8, unless i was being stupid or not paying attention.