Enemy's DOT on Us

We all know that there are weakness and resistance factor in Borderlands 2 regarding to the type of character and weapon element, unlike in Borderlands 1 which, gearbox forbid, I liked the part where I could make bandits zapped out till his skull pops.

Now it’s all about equipping the right element and slagging has become like a drug in Borderlands 2 upper difficulties. I’m not a fan of such dependency which makes me going back and forth to it. Still, I can just let that go.

But why the hell, until all these years, enemy’s elemental guns are still destroying us with its DOT. Especially Corrosive element. It’s like sticking on me, eating small chunk of my shield every second till my health gone 0. Not to mention the imbalance of enemy’s Fire weapon which also take out shield as easy as if we do it to them after we are 20 levels higher. While Electricity is just like a death warrant most of the time.

Is Gearbox aware of this or not?

I really don’t like that running through an area such as sawtooth cauldron with tons of enemies because it seems to be impossible on higher difficulties because the enemies down you in around 3 shots. Then when you die out you have to try again and it becomes annoying really fast.

People complained dots were too weak I bl2, they got a buff for TPS and since enemies use the same guns that goes both ways.

In normal mode you hardly ever get downed by marauders and nomads. In TVHM you will almost certainly get downed in heavy areas such as sawtooth cauldron. But in UVHM you will instantly get downed by every enemy and your only chance of killing them is slag. This effect is multiplied even worse in OP levels with enemies resisting 80%+ of your damage.

Unless you are on the Op levels slag is hardly nescecary.

As for enemy DOT, well, it has yet to kill me, to be frank. If you use a character that gets shield regenarion on kill atleast.

Honestly if I go and kill all the enemies before progressing I don’t have a problem. It’s areas where enemies constantly spawn all around you that their DOT because unbalanced as you really can’t defend yourself, especially at higher levels.

Admittedly, Lynchwood is a map that is guilty of it. And one of the few places that still gives me troubles on OP8, even now that I’m so well versed to it.

But that might be me being overzealous.

Oh ya Lynchwood messes you up no matter what part you are in

I think you are blowing it out of proportion

I recently did a playthough on op8 with maya and only died 3 times and rarely went into ffyl.

Maya OP8 Let’s Play

Maya OP8 Lynchwood red text gun testing

Maya OP8 Lynchwood non red text gun testing

There are a lot of hours of gameplay in those links, it takes many shots even in op8 to take me down and not all enemies need slag.

If thats not enough proof, here are 3 more videos

If you are getting destroyed by everything then chances are its your build and you don’t have enough points in survival

If you have both survival and dps issues then I suggest you use the below link to show us your build and then tell us what gear you are using, including the levels.


You can see from the many videos I posted that both enemies can die easy, even without slag in op8 and you can take many many shots without going down.

Once again check out the play lists I put up above, I even run past enemies to get them to spawn more and put myself in a worse spot. It’s how you build your character and a lot of it on how you play.

That is another helpful link.

Don’t know why, but I think the DOT in TPS is more forgiving than BL2.

But screw them if they said BL2 DOT was too weak. Did they expect 1 shot and die instead?

Dot in bl2 is in no way weak. But it’s definately more forgiving in tps but then again I’m not as big a fan of tps as I am for bl2