Energy blade lifetap

(AarlaExpress) #1

Is it me or does that not work , i dont seem to get any lifeback on PS4


(Lavatz) #2

I don’t recommend the lifesteal helix. I’ll check it out later though.


(RealmDestroyer) #3

I do. It allows you go get down and dirty with the intention to kill, netting health gain as a result. Plus, if you’re up against another melee unit and they are very low on health, body blocking them and just using his blades will allow you to kill them and sustain yourself before they can kill you in the time to kill. Plus, plus, meleeing anything nets you health back as well, NPC minions too. It isn’t the best way to get health, but looking at that Caldarius guide really puts it in perspective.


(Lavatz) #4

Or go for dash and kite the melee.


(Roland The Invincible) #5

It works, and is helpful in Story while going for the Contract lore with a Rath on the team.
Just a little help to keep you from dying as you mash yourself in melee-range with everything.


(Omophorus) #6

The lifesteal works, it’s just mediocre. Should be stronger to be a viable choice in PVP. Can be pretty useful in PvE depending on the map and how much you want to melee.

Lateral double jump buff is the clear best upgrade at rank 5 for PVP.

With the TMP damage buff, he’s much more versatile in his ability to attack and harass, rather than being forced to be a squishy melee to do any substantial DPS. That significantly devalues lifesteal on just Energy Blade attacks.

You’re likely to match your total lifesteal from the helix mutation in 1-2 uses of Aerial Assault with his relic active. It’s just not ideal to try to pretend to be Rath when playing Caldarius, and thus the amount of healing you actually get out of it is paltry.

Plus, you’re more likely to be using the Energy Blade in a ganking scenario where your health is full but you’re finishing off a weakened target after charging them with Gravitic Burst.

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(Sl0p0k) #7

It works, but the returns are so small, you have to really look closely to see your health bar go up those tiny bits with each hit. That’s even with maxing his helix for melee and a complimenting loadout. I wouldn’t mind seeing a slight buff on that, but over all, Cladarius is badass, for sure!


(Mr Suplex) #8

I personally think the lateral jump upgrade (Improved Thrusters) is the no brainer decision at level 5. The lifetap is small, and its pretty hard to reliably hit enemies with Cal’s melee. Being able to dart in and out more quickly is infinitely more important than some minor lifesteal.


(Kennysded) #9

I always go life steal. Mainly because I don’t wanna waste time healing, so I’ll use it on minions to get to 50% health. Then go Darth Bobba Fett on them :slight_smile:


(firesnakezero201) #10

The life tap is very weak even with high dmg gear or high attack speed it isn’t worth it in PvP. Maybe if you are trying for the 3 to 1 lore.