Engineer Axton (Help!)

I got my new Axton build I moved him from Tediore reload to fastball Axton and now I have Engineer Axton and now their is one fatal flaw and that he relays on his turret but with everything that I have on Axton his cool down is only a few seconds with his legendary engineer class mod and fire bone of ancients with a little Evie, pistol grog nozzle, fire conference call, and Corrosive hail I have a Fable tortoises on when my turret is on cool down and a bee for when the current is taking agro finally I have a quasar grenade mod for gathering enemies so a turret quick kill or a conference kill now with all that your thinking what is my spec well here it is

Now with all that can you tell me something that can make axton better so I don’t go down as much as I am supposed to

Are you using the glitch involving the Little Evie ? If so, Resourceful is not needed I guess and could be spent elsewhere.
Ready and Onslaugh are two skills I usually try to get at 4/5 at least. The reload is really helpfull and I love the speed boost grants by Onslaugh.
Duty Calls is unnecessary since you are using elemental guns.
Try to add a slagging tool to your arsenal, like a slagga, a slag pimpernel.
IMO unless you’re using a L. Ranger com some of the points in the Gunpowder tree could be moved to maxing out Battlefront and Steady. Axton is second only to Gaige with his shield skills so getting Quick Charge closer to max pays better dividends than having Able while being able to reload faster means less time between shots, which helps both your overall DPS but also in FFL moments (although if you get a com that boosts Last Ditch Effort and want to try it out you could put a point there and see how you like it)…

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