Enhanced Edition: Mouse stuck in an invisible box in menu screens

As the title says, any time I pull up a menu screen, my mouse won’t move outside of an invisible box in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This makes it impossible to actually select anything in some of the menus! This only happens in the enhanced edition of borderlands 1. It doesn’t happen in the GOTY edition.

Same problem here, like it’s stuck in a smaller resolution then being displayed. I also noticed that steam notifications look pixely and blurred like there is a resolution mismatch.

Changing to fullscreen makes my mouse problem go away, but now I get hella cyclic lag where it stops for 2 seconds, plays for 3 and repeats.

The settings I had to choose to make it work.
Fullscreen: Borderless Window (I need this to stream)
Vsync: On
Framerate Locking: 60fps

I think it has to do with Gsync. Cannot confirm, but at least I have it working for tonight.

When I first started the game, it was set to borderless window by default and I didn’t know it. When I switched to fullscreen, the problem went away. Then when I tried switching back to borderless window, the game went nuts. The screen shrunk to the exact same size and location of my previous “invisible window” and I had two mice pointers, one inside the game and one outside of it. I don’t have Gsync. Framerate locking and vsync settings don’t seem to make a difference. I think we’ve narrowed down the issue. It has to do with how it’s handling video output modes.

It has to be something about the vid output, although I am bummed that my fix isn’t working for everyone.

Not your fault, lol. I’d rather play it in fullscreen mode anyway, so I’m set for now at least.