Enhanced Edition RWL Rocket Launchers

So I noticed on the EE, that RWL rocket launchers seem to have about half the fire rate they do in the ordinary version. Confirmed this by comparing fire rate of an RL I have with one that should have an identical fire rate from the borderlandsbestgear site. Oversight or deliberate change? Discuss.

Gearbox uped damage and downed FR of the rocket launchers in the Enhanced version.

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The damage doesn’t appear to be any higher than I remember for the parts my example has. I know the new Gearbox launcher has ridiculous damage, but other than that they seem unchanged besides the fire rate nerf.

But it’s definitely higher in EE, it’s was already discussed somewhere on this forum.

Yea, I confirmed this by finding an RWL10 Redemption in loot with about 6.2k damage, which is a good 2k more than it would’ve had in the base game, so I think the change is +50% damage for -50% Fire rate, which is actually a net nerf to DPS, but a buff to ammo efficiency. It also changes the calculus on how valuable fire rate buffs and reload speed are for RLs.

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