[ENHANCED] No way to play online

Hi everyone,
My friend and me are trying to play together since the enhanced game has been released but we even can’t play to it.
When we launch the game, nothing appear for steam, i am seeing my friend is online but not in game and same things to me.
When we i invite him we can see the invitation for Borderlands in chat but no way to accept.
When we are trying to find online match, nothing appear.
Can someone help us or know how to solve it ? The only things that Gearbox answer us is they are trying to do their best and they know this issue.
PS: We have already trying to set OFF the in chat game, start the game as administrator with in game directory shorcut, uninstall the game and install again but nothing change…

If the issue is similar to the problem with co-op on PS4, it could be that the game is not requesting the correct ports be opened through your router’s firewall.

I seem to recall there being a list of ports that the game requires listed on a Steam Community post somewhere; it would be worth at least checking this info.

I think most people skip the in-game chat and either use their platform’s chat function or Discord, Skype, etc. anyway - if you’re also doing that, then that’s probably not the issue.