Enhanced not Released on Linux?

I’ve been playing the Borderlands franchise basically since I discovered it’s existence.
I’m also a Linux User through and through. I keep one crappy windows laptop around just in case, but it’ll never run any sort of modern game properly.
Sadly I’d written off ever being able to play BL1 again, but I had hope when the enhancement was announced because BL2 and the pre-sequel were both available for Linux through Steam.
Now not only were my hopes crushed, but the Epic only release of BL3 makes me question whether we’ll get that either.

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what are you talking about? It works just fine on Linux Steam.

Oh Cool, When I looked on Steam it only had the windows logo!

yeah. download that. Basically every windows game works on linux steam now.

What Distro are you running? I’m on Ubuntu and it won’t let me download anything it doesn’t consider SteamOS + Linux

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I’ve re-discovered Steam Play Beta. I’m a dumb@ss

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you’ll need to delete the launcher and rename the borderlandsgoty exe to launcher.