Enhanced: Playthrough 2.5 dlc level scaling broken

Every time I level up in playthrough 2.5 the zombie and claptrap dlc quests (including side quests) level one level ahead of me. So all quests appear as tough Difficulty this also applies to knoxx dlc after I completed the main quests and it affects the side quests fixing this is important because bosses will appear with a caution sign next to them because they are usually two levels ahead of you. So yeah how do I fix this?

git gud? really though, pretty sure that’s how it’s designed.

As soon as you enter PT2.5, all the game level up to your current LVL, with quests being 1 lvl harder if possible.
That’s how PT2.5 works, and it’s fine :wink:
It rewards you with more XP for each mob you kill, and a lot for badasses.
My advice is to farm gear at your level as soon as you are leveling up, because you’ll need the best stuff to stay alive against Bosses.

As others have said, it’s just the way the game is - it was designed that way. In case you should want to level up other characters in the future, this guide may be helpful:

If you’re struggling through the remaining levels, you may want to enlist some help through the relevant BL1 Co-op and Trading section.

Closing this now since it’s not actually a tech support issue.