Enhanced resolution stuck at low res *FIXED*

I didn’t see any other threads about this problem specifically, so here it is. My resolution is stuck at some low rate, and will not change. I tried changing the settings multiple times, and I even tried editing the ini files, which didn’t do anything. Not only does the low res make the game look worse, it also makes it so a good chunk of my screen on the bottom, and right side cannot be accessed with a mouse. This means I can’t change gear or look at things in my inventory past a certain point on the screen.


My game was set to borderless window, which would not allow full resolution. I set it to full screen and it reverted to actual resolution.


There were initial reports that Win10 was selecting the CPU video card rather than the GPU.

Worth a shot.

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Thanks but I just figured it out. It was set to borderless window, not fullscreen. Such a simple issue imma just go ahead and delete the post now.

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