Enhancing depth of sound on a 6.5cm (2.5in) speaker?

Any thoughts on that? Making a simple tube will make the sound as if it is coming out of a tunnel.

Please explain what you mean by “depth” and making a tube? Out of what substance and placed on which end of the speaker? Each will have varying effects. If you place the tube at the front, in effect it makes the sound waves travel farther ( the same thing happens when you cup your hands around your mouth when shouting). It forces the waves to travel in one direction and does not cancel out sound intensity.

Placing the tube on the magnet end of an open speaker will somewhat “deepen” the range of sound. The effective sonic range of the “tube” will be determined by the length and size ( radius ) of said tube.

Now, what sort of sound enhancement are you looking to achieve? A “tunnel” or reverb/echo effect does not necessarily enhance sound “depth”…hence, why I ask what you mean by depth, please.

I mean make it more like a base speaker, so lower the treble, make it sound deeper. Any way thanks for telling me about the different effects determined by which side the tunnel or tube is on.

Ummm… you could use a simple passive crossover to remove unwanted frequencies. Won’t increase bass output, just removes unwanted frequency reproduction.

If you want to get more of a thump out of a small speaker, you could use a couple of them and build something along the lines of a Bose Wave system, you could get decent sound dynamics out of two small drivers (speakers). ( this system is based around using tubes to increase freq. response, so pretty much what I think you are talking about now )

Keep in mind, if you try playing around with designs to increase bass response your results will be determined by (again) the length and size of the tubes you are going to use and the speaker itself. Speakers can only push so much air and small speaker will have only so much voice coil throw. ( think of a large sub, the voice coils are designed to throw farther than other frequencies ).

I bet you could play around with some PVC tubing styles and come up with something a little thumpy. I suppose the hardest part would be choice in baffling, but you could just mount the speaker in a piece of board and mount your tube around back.

Thanks, ill upload what I made later tomorrow most likely.

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Nice. As you can tell, lol…I love to play around with these things.
My best friend in college was/is an electronics engineer and we are both audiophiles.

We built a similar system, but just for subs back when we were in college. It held 3 15" Cerwin-Vega, dual voice coil subs and the box ( which we ported Bose style ) was as large as a full size bed and box springs. Hooked it up to an old 1970’s Pioneer home stereo receiver ( the watts RMS were off the charts for a home receiver ).

It rocked the house. :wink: Literally…and by that .I mean we almost broke windows in the dorms with it.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Bruh… that is awesome. Take a look at this:

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I really like the design. Unfortunately, not in a place I can give a listen atm. What is the speaker from and what kind of amp are you using? Is it amped by the PC behind it?

No, it has a 9V powered amp. The red LED is where the amp is. I will take more pictures later. Also it sounds really sh*t when I turn up the volume.

Just remembered about an old project I did

This thing had a roof, and a back, BUT I had to destroy the roof because it almost made me go blind. ( the paint chipped and got stuck in my eye, went to sleep next day realized it was serious so went to A&E and got it removed.)

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I’ve made the thing. Do u wanna see it?

of course

simple, yet works. I tested it before sprating it, worked rreally well, the sound was awesome, but as I left it outside to dry, a light shower started, so there was water everywhere.

Couldn’t find any tubing, so decided to use a crappy snack box, put the speaker into the lid, with bolts, duckt-tape and superglue.

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What is your overall opinion on this piece of crap lol?

Ha! I like it. Interesting choice on the multiple holes for what I assume to be sound ports.

If you wanted a harder bass sound, you would have to choose a sturdier material. I’m guessing any decent amount of power would cause some serious flex and cancel out the bass response. But…it looks fun to make and as long as it works, that’s all that matters.

I def like the reuse of found items. Repurposing is the fancy word for hipsters what us poor people just do because we have to. :wink: :smiley:

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I dissagree on the last part, I have plenty of decent speakers, but i like dicking about with electricity.

testing with/without the lid on the cylinder, sorry had to use my mic to record, therefore bad static noise.

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