Enimies is lower lvl than normal

me and dmy friend were playing borderlands 3 and im lvl 23 and my friend is lvl 16 and all our enimies are lvl 6 or 7. please help.

What map and mode is that?

all maps and normal

If you hit pause and go into your Gameplay menu, what is your current difficulty setting?


Really not sure then. Had you played with anyone else who is at a lower level? It sounds a bit like the co-op level scaling glitched out for some reason. All I can suggest at this point is filing a support ticket and seeing if they can help out. You’ll find a link in the sticky post at the top of the tech support category.

The same thing happened to me and my friend. To resolve this, quit to main menu, then remake the party. The scaling is just bugged out.

ok thanks eriler we played with a lvl 7 and then he left but it was still fine after that, thanks again.

ist dident work