Enjoy this as a literal 1v1, some thoughts on gameplay

(Soulre D) #1

Hi Team,
I played the alpha with the intention of there being some aspect of the game having serious emphasis on “card based” read a previous post about how this was conflicting to the gameplay and agree. This does tend to have more of a gun loadout basic 1v1 style gameplay. That said I was thinking what if the game was actually more focused on deck building and strategy based and round for round instead of continuous. It would be an interesting concept to have players with a deck built out before the game with something like 20-30 cards, once a card/ability is used that’s it, move on. This would have more emphasis on strategy and if a player uses their card/abilities to often at the end of the match they would be left with only their accuracy and skill (primary weapon) to keep them alive. It would give the game a considerable amount of skill and strategy that of a card game. The fps aspect is great but would like gameplay more if deck building had a larger role to play. I do enjoy card games and fps but would find this interesting if the game had more abilities or even minions to spawn.

Just something to think about.