Enjoyed Normal Story mode, looking forward to new Story maps!

I just completed the first playthrough of all of the Story maps on Normal, and it’s been fun. I did two of them solo, but I’ve done the others in co-op at least three times each. Satisfying level design and length, very, very good voice acting, great artwork, and a wide variety of heroes really help this game. Naturally, some things aren’t perfect in my opinion, but my comments about those issues are more appropriate in a different thread.

Also, in this difficulty, I haven’t had trouble getting at least one other person to join me in public games. Most of my co-op matches have been 3/5 with a pretty minimal wait, and I’ve had a couple 5/5s, but the 5/5s eventually turned into 3/5 and 4/5, because people disconnected.

I’m looking forward to playing as the other characters I’ve unlocked and trying the Advanced difficulty, but I’m really excited to play more Story maps. I buzzed through the current crop very quickly!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and good luck with the DLCs, GBX!

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Some characters have unique dialogue on certain maps, there’s plenty more to experience! Be carefiul on advanced, enemies have a lot more health and deal a lot more damage, it’s a pretty big difficulty spike, ranged characters with some form of AoE perform best on advanced. Also, enemy health scales with more players and more will spawn, 4-5 player matches on defense and escort missions are very hard as the defense points and sentries take heavy damage very quickly. On advanced, build every turret and approach elite enemies with caution, charging a Ronin or Elite Bot with a melee character will mean certain death. If you have Pendles, he’s great on advanced, perma-stealth means revives for days and easy bushes against trash mobs.

[quote=“Slif_One, post:2, topic:1543363, full:true”]charging a Ronin or Elite Bot with a melee character will mean certain death.

Unless you’re Attikus, who can crush puny little Ronin before they cause trouble (and also has natural 25% shield pen with a full charge, so he can actually end up killing them before their shields break!).

I used to enjoy Attikus, I mastered him before the latest patch, but as a PvP player I view the patch as a nerf. I haven’t used him on PvE since, but ~400 extra health certainly has its benefits on PvE.

Indeed. Since structures will be a higher priority on Advanced, I suspect I’ll need to rework my loadouts too as I’m using full legendary sets atm.

If you have a shard generator that will be more than sufficient for building with a double legendary set, just don’t rush the gear as turrets take priority on defense and escort missions.

Full legendary sets are still the best for advanced runs, imo. They’re the best for all PvE, as far as I’m concerned, because shards are plenteous. As long as you don’t waste them (e.g. buy a shitton of turrets/traps/drones), you’ll be able to purchase all of your legendaries on every single map.

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Unless you’re in Advanced, of course. In which case, they slow you over and over again while you struggle to break their shields. ;-;

I pretty much only run on Advanced so… Yeah. I was still demolishing Ronin like crazy with Attikus. He’s just got such beastly DPS, and he’s an unstoppable train of destruction if he’s got a good support behind him (coughcoughpocketMikocough).