Entering FFYL removes killskills?

Am I seeing this right? Is this on purpose? Who thought this was a good idea?

PS: If anyone knows a good weapon for getting second winds on Zane on mayhem 10, let me know. I’m currently using a plaguebearer but it’s not particularly impressive.

Backburner, hellwalker, plasma coil

Preferably with the 150 U-Rad anointment since it’ll be giving you extra damage when in FFYL always.

yeah killskills have always been removed upon FFYL entry. It is a staple mechanic and I am glad it made it back into BL3 personally. It rewards staying alive and punishes those who go down! Also back burner is a good FFYL weapon…

Getting a timer and barely being able to move is punishment enough for me, personally, especially when playing a character whose almost entire power comes from killskills.
I go from oneshotting stuff with an Unforgiven to barely even doing a pixel of damage with a headshot.

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This battle is lost