Entitlement much?

Alot of complaining about loot drops with the event, Farming Frenzy. If you have played Borderlands 1 or 2, you would know what it is to grind for a legendary. This fast food, give it to me know attitude is ruining the long term playability of the game.


As one of the complainers, it’s just boring af to farm for hours. I honestly don’t know how people do it. Just give me the gun so I can actually go have some fun. I farmed the sky bullies at least 50 times now and those little bastards have mostly given me shooting star shields…

I’m gonna give the slaughtershaft a try and if I don’t get some of what I’ve wanted then I’m done with the game till the next DLC.

The problem is people have been playing other games for the past several years, alot of people seem to want it to feel like the games they were playing in-between installments or before they ever stepped foot on Pandora for the first time.
Look at the meta, people either want to be using fakecast gimmicks or they expect melt phases to be standing in a circle while they fire Ion cannons at a docile oversized space monster just like the guy on YouTube did, derp. If you need a recursion or ion cannon to do endgame content that’s what they’re here for, but once these people realize that work is required to make these easy to use builds and guns they flip ■■■■.


Proved my point. I do hope you find the loot your looking for though.

Like honestly, imo I just wish dedicated drops would drop every time but obviously with different stats/elements/anointments. That’s what I would call farming.

If I have to do the same thing over and over again without good results then of course I’m going to lose interest.

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Farming is a means to an end, not the end in of itself. Myself and many others farm only to get something we want, and then have our fun with that gear. The process of doing the same thing over and over to get that gear is something we like to avoid.

Considering how generous BL3 is with world drops, farming a dedicated source and getting something I could get from farming Graveward for 5 minutes is annoying.

I’m pretty sure most people who buy Borderlands except the reality of framing to an extent, but no one wants to play a farming simulator. The drops in this game, if you want something specific, are even worse than BL2.

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I played B1 and b2. I farmed for some legendaries and they were difficult to get, but the moment one dropped, I was done. That’s a VERY different feeling to farming a specific item and when you get one, it’s not good enough (not anointed, etc.) and you have to keep going in the hope of getting that specific drop.
B3 has a higher chance of legendary world drops then previous games, but it has an additional level of rarity with similar drop rates. Standard legendaries are barely better than purples, whereas anointed legendaries are the best items now. Anointed legendary drops are lower then B1 and B2 legendary drops, plus getting the wrong anointment often no better than an un-anointed item for most players.
I get that there are a lot of players wanting the perfect anointed legendary item from a boss the first time they beat it, and that’s not what this game is about, but having to spend literally days defeating a single boss over and over, to get a single specific item, is too much for most people. We want to put some effort in and get the item, so we can get on with PLAYING the game. Farming isn’t playing the game, for most people, it’s the prep-work before playing that they want to get past soon. That’s not unreasonable.


Wheres the fun for you? (serious question)

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you realize it takes way longer to get a certain item in bl3 than it does in bl2?

in bl2 dedicated drops were a 10% chance

in bl3 they are a 10% chance to get one out of 4 or 5 items, and something like a ~50% chance that it is anointed on mayham 4

so it takes 8-10 times as much farming in bl3 as it did in bl2

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Farming felt different in Borderlands 2. I can’t quite put the finger on it, but somehow farming BNK-3R for a Sham for an hour or so wasn’t all that frustrating but doing the same thing with most Borderlands bosses is. I think what annoys people is that in many cases, items are so hard to get from their intended source that it might take you less time just farming any boss that drops plenty of loot over and over again (notably rare spawns and bosses at the end of trials or circle of slaughter).
This does also have to do with the just overloaded loot pools. Like, if I farm Savage Lee I know for a fact that I’ve got a 10% chance at an Unkempt Harold. Lee himself also is a rather easy kill and has a chance to spawn twice on a map.
When farming the Indotyrant I seem to have a 10% chance for him to spawn and a 35% chance of him dropping one of his three assigned drops, out of which only one is actually worth using. So effectively I’ve got an 11.6 percent chance at my Unforgiven whenever I kill Indotyrant. This means that when loading into the map, I’ve only got a 1.16% chance I’m getting the Item I want and that doesn’t even include getting the right parts and a good anointment.
Borderlands 1 was a bit all over the place in terms of getting stuff. I mean, world drops were significantly more common than in Borderlands 2 and it also seems to have to do with the level, to the point where, say, getting a Volcano in a random locker isn’t than unusual. Just like in Borderlands 3, it was way easier to get just legendary loot in general compared to farming something specific and like early on in Bl3’s life cycle, only few legendary items did actually have an assigned drop source, so long-term farming often just resulted in armory runs and, after it was remastered, in the treasure room of the Robolution DLC. Items that one could deliberately farm and that were in fact rare, were few and far inbetween, and sometimes people would farm them more for bragging rights than anything else. Like, sure, the Ajax Ogre hybrid is a strong gun but I think it would be far less coveted if it wasn’t as rare.
I’d also argue that having your own ideas on how the game would be more enjoyable for you and voicing those ideas isn’t quite what I would call entitlement.