Environmental DMG scaling with mayhem?

So today the DLC will be released.
When i was thinking about said dlc i was kinda recapping what is new and stuff i realized that probably environmental dmg will not scale with mayhem lvl´s.

Why am i speaking about it.
Well it would be kinda wasted if this is the case cause than those “new” mechanics won’t be used by players on high mayhem cause these mechanics won’t have an influence that you can actually feel on gameplay wise well except wasting time.

So tell me what you think.

I think its pretty self explanatory why this would be bad.

From experience I’d say it’s 99% certain that if Gearbox would implement such a buff in a way that also increases environmental damage to players by the same amount leading to guaranteed one-hit deaths and then probably never realize that it’s a problem.

While not one-shot there are a number of things that cause self/ally-damage from day one, even though good game design should dictate that they shouldn’t. Worse, bonus elements apply to some of them for no good reason.

Sadly, I think you’re probably right. It’s exactly the sort of thing they’d do.

I see the problem with it being over tuned.

Tho i am playing at mayhem 10 all the content.
Just for the people playing at higher mayhem levels this new environmental dmg sources will be left untouched for the most part except it is required to solve something puzzle like ofc.

Within a few days of release, it was found that with Amara; punching the barrels (into an enemy) while her ‘arms’ were still active, would just explode the barrels in Amara’s face.

Has yet to be rectified.

I know that many barrels will kill fl4k outright, yet tickle enemies. I would like to see more added to the reward side of environmental damage because right now it is all risk.

During the bordercast they mentioned environmental hazards scaling with mayhem, and just for enemies.

Watched the cast must have missed this piece.

Then lets cross fingers it will turn out fine!

That is why you slide kick barrels at friends. Their shields don’t scale so they take massive damage.

(for some reason I only do it to Moze, it is like the ‘Meg’ of the group)

(friends don’t even play anymore so haven’t done it in like 2 months :frowning: )

It was some time after the interviews, they mentioned it as a “oh and by the way” - fact.

Ah thats why.
I was like “dude i just missed something in the interview”.

Just quickly checked its at 42:20 in the bordercast, right after he says that vehicles will scale as well.

Probably got sick of eating your barrels. :rofl:

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Lol they just get me back in the middle of an intense fight. I pay my dues. :joy:

I didn’t test it based on math or anything, but the elemental spinners definitely FEEL more powerful on M10 now than they were before. I believe those have been scaled as well.

Spinners mos def can kill you quickly now.