EOS bug during fight

Posted this in a different topic and was directed here.

I’ve had 1 issue with EOS. After dropping his health he phased out the first time, came back, dropped his health again then he phased out and didn’t come back. I was stuck listening to the holograms do their speeches and EOS talking. After 20 minutes of killing Ultimate badasses and those drones I gave up and reset the game…only for it to happen 3 different times. PS3 issue maybe?

Apparently I’m not the only one this has happened to as it seems to happen on 360 as well. Can’t say for PC users.

I was personally playing solo on uvhm with Nisha and Athena separately. The fight glitched out on me against both characters.

Having the exact same issue right now dood! This is crazy! I had to wait for almost a month after realease to get access to it, and now I can’t even beat it!
Perhaps they should have looked after season pass holders before rushing out the handsome collection.

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I’ve had this issue as well on PS3 and submitted a support ticket to Gearbox. You might want to do the same. But I can tell you it doesn’t happen very often. You’ll just have to save/quit and try again.

More concerning to me however, is the frequency of the game freezing at any point during the Eclipse/EOS fight. It happens 1 out 4 fights with me. There are some serious stability issues during this part of the DLC.

I main Athena as well.

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I had the same thing happen with level 52 Aurelia on tvhm .Also even more frustrating I get eos down to 25 % health and he dissapears and reapears with full health.This happens repeatedly! Help!