EOS bugged (PS3 only ?)

I’m having this thing where I can’t kill EOS anymore.

Once I have taken out half his health and he starts to regen shield…he will suddenly go back to full health too. Then once I take down a quarter of his health (for the 2nd time) he leaves for his shield recharge phase again… but never comes back.

I’m left with an endless stream of swarmers…

Anyone else got that ?

I got that twice in a row.

Third time was OK though.

I don’t use a specific build either, but if you have the right guns it’s a much shorter fight. Big target that you can’t really miss and 2/3 shield…

It usually takes me about 10-12 minutes to get rid of him (Including Eclipse) And all i’m using is a Glitched shock Tediore splitter. When the green glitch kicks in, it shows.

Yes it is.

Different game, different character and different power-level. TPS is much easier than BL2’s OP levels.
Deputy build was made with max output in mind and it’s a trick more than a build. Nisha has no such trick to build around, and I dislike using “Tombstone bombs” as a primary strategy. So a lot of things work without specializing too much (the overabundance of skill points in TPS also makes this philosophy easier to follow)

I have a generic build that does a lot of things well instead of one thing really well. I like to mix it up and change my loadout.

4 things I always have though: Tediore splitters, Cryo guns, a CoE COM and a Sheriff COM. The rest comes and goes as the mood strikes :slight_smile:

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