EOS causing game to freeze

I dont know if this has been metion on any page but I feel its worth looking into this has happened to my friend, and me while in the fight. He was using athena me wilhelm. Please pass this on to whoevers addressing this sort of thing, its making farming him very difficult.

This has happened to me as well (I’m on PS3). It only happened once, and I attributed it to my fire rate capping out with 999 Maelstrom stacks and Unrelenting active as well as all the adds running around. Could be wrong though.

This is mostly likely it.
Athena breaks the game at this boss fight when specced right. And it is not breaking in a good way.

Stacks have nothing to do with it. I’m convinced its due to transitions, e.g., spawning, saving, going into and out of menus, loading split screen, additional players joining the game.

What system are you on? If you’re on steam check your file integrity, maybe something got corrupted.

PS3. I already tried deleting the game data files and restoring it but that didn’t seem to fix the issue.

I just joined his game last night, and just getting about froze the game up. Regardless of max maelstrom which shes not the only one capable of breaking the game, Jack and Nisha both there is a section on have a absurd section where you can wreck EOS, and this doesnt happen. So that to me isnt a sufficient claim.