EOS fight not fun

I typically like to solo everything, but if someone wants to lend a hand in helping me destroy EOS I would accept it. Im actually only doing it on normal but goddamn the constant disorientation of the blinding light and being thrown around the map is frustrating. I have gotten through the first part of the fight but having to start that crap all over from the beginning is infuriating. GT is kymagika1212 I will probably be back on tonight around 10 p.m. EST.

OH xbox one, I thought this was a specifically XBOX branch of the forums.

Hit me up! GT: v2good Attila. I will end up crushing him though as I’m level 70

Be on in about 10 minutes if you still need help
GT = LunaticOne

got a number of toons at different levels for however you want to play it.