EOS is utter bull

Anyone else having a problem with eos? I cannot heat him at all, I gave up after two hours…any hints?

Shoot the rockets.

Get behind or at least partially behind something when he shoots pulses or lasers.

If you’re not in UVHM then raise your level before fighting him again. He’s a little OP. I played him recently in splitscreen coop and we had to be at least his level to be able to beat him in normal mode. We went to the holodome to level up for a bit.

Depending on your character, maximize invincibility/healing/staying alive while you’re visible to him. Hide when you’re vulnerable. For instance, there’s a jump tube pipe I liked to use to shield me from his attacks. I slammed down to stay hidden and took pot shots.

Maybe consider two oz kits to fight him. First phase, use something like the tranquility kit. Second phase, use the one that helps with airborne targets.

Play coop/multiplayer or throw in a split screen character.

What character are you using, what gears are you using, and what level are you?

Me and a few other people have beaten Eclipse AND EOS under 1 minute. I can assure you it all comes down to strategy.

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Just play carefully and make sure to use the regenerating ammo boxes. I beat him first try, it’s really not that hard as long as you keep undercover and play smart. It might take quite a while depending on your weapons, but ammo shouldn’t be a problem if you use the ammo boxes.

Took me ages to take him down, was damn satisfying when I did though xD Glitch weapons help alot against this OP boss. At least the loot was pretty rewarding, but I would have been really angry if there wouldn’t have been good loot after such a fight. And yes, I was cursing Gearbox alot when I had to fight EOS :wink:

What do you use? What playthrough? What level are you? I have trouble picturing him dying in under a minute. Not doubting, it’s just hard for me to visualize it.

I’m one of the “other people”, these are my two videos with different characters.

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I main Athena and the strategy I use is this:

Have 4 weapons of your choice. 1. Stacker, 2. Closer, 3. Cryo, 4. Insanely high DPS weapon (rocket launchers, for example)

Get a kill buff at the start then start stacking with weapon 1. Then after a few seconds, switch to your closer to stack even higher while still having the kill skill. You should be able to reach 999 stacks in a few seconds. Then, switch to your DPS weapon and melt away Eclipse.

EOS is a lot simpler, but the stack management can be tricky. Every time before EOS spawns in for his phase, an add will spawn in. You need to time it right so that once you kill the add, switch to your closer to stack Maelstrom while the kill buff is active (all the way to 999 stacks), he spawns in physically and you immediately switch to high DPS weapon or your closer to instantly melt away at his health. Repeat for 3 phases if you don’t have the Mongol.

And actually, now that I think about it, I think me, @khimerakiller and @onlyin_kansas are the only 3 people who pulled off sub 1-minute (and to khimera: yes, I did get a 40 second kill without level buff at level 70, but of course it still doesn’t match your time)


As Jack (70), I use the same Leadership frame as most, except with Hero Pose 5/5, Resolute 5/5, and Persistence 5/5 instead of the Absolute Advantage and Sponsored By skills. I went with those specifically to give me a little extra survivability while my action skill isn’t active.

To be honest, I basically jump around in Eclipse’s face, strip his shield with a Vibra-Pulse, and then beat him down with a Casual Flakker.

When EOS comes, I actually strategize. As people have said, I use cover when he’s shooting, and I start hitting the regen ammo boxes right away, because my preferred weapon against him is a Longnail, swapping to the Vibra-Pulse to kill adds while my Action Skill is down. The Longnail eats away at him pretty nicely when you’re getting crits and have kill skills up. While my AS is down, I basically work to move safely from ammo box to ammo box, killing adds as I go, and popping red unstable floaties.

Previously, I used a shock Revolution to rip the shield, then went to a Torrent to whittle his health away. The shield went fast, but the health bar took a little longer that way. Still, it was reliable.

it really depends on your character, gear, ETC. i know nisha can do it with pretty much anything, so if you are playing nisha, i can help.
my 58 second kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq-fu00x7pY
previously the fastest nisha kill, until this kid @khimerakiller showed up… :smiley:

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Stay behind cover. Never underestimate how much damage he is capable of. You’re also going to need at least 2 weapons as you will likely run out of ammo; fortunately there’s plenty of respawnable crates, you just don’t want to be caught out in the open. Get a feel for his attack patterns, if you know you’re going in to FFYL soon, figure out which enemy you’re killing for your second wind. Or avoid FFYL all together because if you’re doing this solo each subsequent FFYL will induce a mini migraine. Invest heavily in health regen.

Just, stay in cover. Can’t state that enough.

I’m sure my problem is never wanting to take cover. But its infuriating to ALMOST get him for a few hours and then have him kill me every time. I just don’t get it. :frowning: and I am not sure what build/weapons I am using. I usually just use what feels awesome at the time. Thanks for all of the input guys :slight_smile:

I beat EOS last night in Normal mode–for the first time without overleveling. My Jack was Lv 35 and went to 36 in the middle of the long fight. (EOS was 37.) After much hopping around the platforms, I settled in the area with the 2 respawning ammo stations (4 crates total). The big raised platform in the middle can be used as cover about 80% of the time. I went into FFYL twice, but second winds came quickly. I kept rotating through my weapons, which included a decent glitch Vladof TMP, with the corrosive blaster getting a lot of use. The Lv-27 Celestial Doppelganger COM I lucked into at a vendor came in quite handy, by maximizing the time of my 2 Jacks. The fight took close to an hour. Failing here near the end would have been heartbreaking. The thing really is too much of a damage sponge, and the shield regeneration is dirty pool.

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Whenever he said “…targeting routine…” I hid under the bridge in front of the higher platform and just rode out the wave. The fire damage is rather negligible. I used that method until I figured out that a strong shock weapon for the shield, followed by a strong corrosive weapon (match OZ kits to element, or go for the one that boost crits while airborne) and you can take him down very quickly. In terms of those elemental weapons, Hyperion Shotguns, or Maliwan Lasers work very well.

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I didn’t have any weapons to bring down shields or health quickly. I did have the elements right, but not an insane DPS with either of them. It came down to outlasting him, which I did. But it wasn’t much fun.

http://thepresequel.com/Jack/55015015050515501000000000055015100051/celdoppelganger,auto that is the build to beat EOS and mutator arena lvl 9 in UVHM + use maliwan moxxi’s vibra pulse as sponsored by: and main weapon as heartfull splooger or the pickle gun, this will devestate EOS. Don’t forget to collect atleast 300+ stacks of money is power so the fight will not take hours only 30 mins

Any half-decent hyperion elemental weaponry and maliwan splitters (by half-decent, I mean above green rarity) will do fine in killing Eclipse and EOS. I’ve done it with this build http://thepresequel.com/Jack/55015110155515550405105101000000000000/unrvip,auto in 8 minutes, so any other build (which I assume wouldn’t spec into the Jacks so heavily) should be able to do it in less time.

If you can, I would suggest getting the taser (in shock), the splogger (your corrosive gun) and the first decent maliwan splitter you find for EOS. Those are more than enough to take him down.

The most important thing with these two is to aim for crits! They go down so easily when you can keep a steady stream of bullets going into their crit spots.