EOS/Mutator Level Scaling in PT 2.5?

Ok so Ive got my Wilhelm into playthrough 2.5,

Running around doing side missions for unique level 50 quest rewards.

Have not started UVHM yet with him, but could.

Have already beat the Clappy DLC and many of the side missions before getting into 2.5.

Made the mistake of accepting Haxorz mission before getting into 2.5

With the new legendary drop rate increase, i want to go farm EOS / the Arena but i dont want jt all to be at level 46.

If i go back there now in 2.5 will the enemies / arena / EOS be at 50?

EDIT: And yes i realize i could just start UVHM and just go straight to deck 13.5 after Helios, but i’ve already cleared the path to the boss in TVHM.

I’ve wondered this as well. my thinking is it’s scaled for TVHM or UVHM.

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Im gonna find out tonight pr tomorrow when i get home.

But if someone already knows…


Disappointing update:

Despite being in Pt 2.5, Subconscious enemies were still scaling 43-45, EOS at 46.

When I turned in Haxorz, the Arena was at 48, as was the Party Popper quest reward pistol.

Only variables i can think of?

If i had waited till Pt 2.5 to start Clappy DLC, would it all have been at 50?


If i had waited til Pt 2.5 to accept Haxors mission, would it be 50?

I am going to find out soonish with My Nisha, who is at 50 in Pr 2.5 but who has never TOUCHED any DLC.

Your terminology is SO BL1 (“playthrough 2.5” ?)! TPS terminology is: Normal, TVHM, & UVHM.

Anyway, I’ve leveled 8 characters to 70 and I usually finished TVHM at around ~45 and UVHM at ~54. Bothering about farming stuff at 50 is a waste of time these days since highest level is 70 now (gear being @ 49, 50, or 51 makes little difference). I’d say get into UVHM ASAP since then everything scales to your level.

Saw a useful old post in the BL forum: “The Ideal Playthrough” – we need some sticky like that for TPS newcomers. For me (in a nut shell) it’d be: Normal, with just a few side missions (finish around 35); TVHM with all side missions (for the trophy – do this in TVHM 'cause Normal is too easy) – finish around 45. Then main story missions in UVHM until Sentinel beaten. After that, gets more personal, depending …


Yeah, I now have all the TPS VHs at 50, with one at 61.

Want to do thr Clappy DLC in UVHM with someone and maybe a properly level scaled Mutator arena for a bit after that, but it just may be time to move on to a new game pretty soon here, although I’m sure I’ll be back to Borderlands.

Got one at 55