EP3: What were Brick and Mordecai doing in the forest?

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I can’t seem to figure out why did Brick and Mordecai take Athena with them to Sanctuary. Was it their orders in the first place? What were they doing in the forest anyway?

I’m sorry if this seems like a shallow question but I played Tales only once so I’m not very clear about the details. The thing is I played Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel so many times but I just finished the original game for the first time recently. I like the story and the way it is told. I like to think about how the games are connected and this little one part always bothers me at night. Thanks in advance!

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Lilith wanted to put Athena on trial and tasked Brick and Mordecai in tracking her down. They teemed up with that crazy lady to do it. Go play TPS and you’ll see what happens to her after Tales.

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Then, why? I mean I have played TPS but why would Lilith wanted Athena after all this time. From what I remember:

  • Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, and Roland worked with Athena to defeat General Knoxx in Borderlands 1
  • They worked together again in TPS but Athena got betrayed by Lilith
  • Lilith sent Brick and Mordecai to take Athena

What is Lilith’s motivation in this? Is this because Athena worked with Jack in TPS? Or is it because they saw her worked with Rys, a Hyperion?

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Yes. Lilith blamed Athena for Roland’s death because she helped Jack rise to power. She was a grieving woman and not in her right mind.

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That’s it entirely. By the time the meta-story in TPS rolls around, Nisha and Wilhelm had been killed by the BL2 crew, Claptrap was a shell of his former self (and now working for the Crimson Raiders), and only Athena was left out there of the original 4 TPS Vault Hunters. Lilith wanted her “brought to justice” for helping Jack rise to power.

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TBH I think TPS was intended to fill gaps but made even more

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