Epic battle movie :P

so I just put on some pandora while playing BB, and it went to some 3 days grace and 5fdp. is it just me or does playing a game like this feel really intense with that kind of music in the background? Like some kind of epic battle movie, lol.

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Yup, that’s my biggest complaint with the game. Tbh, I wish getting a multikill or kill streak would play that factions song but unfortunately not. Kinda like awesomenauts

I rarely get multikills, it would feel so much more rewarding if something like this happened, so I can really savor the moment.

But ya OP, I like jamming some metal or rap when I play and don’t feel like talking, it does help set the mood, like Pig Destroyer or Mobb Deep or Converge or Nas or Meshuggah or Bone Thugs or Lamb of God or Wu Tang or Slayer or Freddie Gibbs or Dillinger Escape Plan or NWA or Oranssi Pazuzu or Kendrick Lamar or Schammasch or… crap, I really like music, my bad.

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Imagine getting a penta and hearing that, that’d be amazing

You are a cool guy

In case you didn’t know there is a ffdp song called battleborn XD

Instead of heavy metal (trust me I’m a big fan of metalcore/melodic death metal etc) try some epic film score type tracks from Two Steps From Hell or Audio Machine as well :smiley:

You are also a cool guy! I think off the top of my head I would really enjoy Wolves by Machine Head while playing incursion

Unleash the Wolves
Carnage has no rules
We’ll bury one and all

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