Epic class mods to not sleep on

I know we’re all having fun with our bloodletters and blaster masters, but epic class mods can be hugely powerful with the right rolls. Here is one that I’ve playing around with lately:

Blazing or Decapitalist Marksman: These have 3-5 Scorching RPMs that will boost your base crit to 32-40% with proper investment. It can also come with a point of Desperate Measures or Experimental Measures, which is pretty efficient overall. This mod was made for the Lyuda, Nighthawkin, and Tesla grenades; it can be particularly busted if you roll bonus, weapon, crit or grenade damage.

Not sleeping on them but Bloodletter and Blastmaster are still her best mods.

100%.splash damage amd 20% crit chance for grenades is a massive DPS increase.

Bloodletter solves the main issue with running shields.

I was fortunate enough to get one of these with 3 points in Scorching RPM’s, 1 point in redistribution and Experimental Munitions, +7% shotgun damage, and +13% weapon accuracy at level 13. I used it for like 30 levels before I found a better mod. Excellent mod for sure, greatly increases your DPS with high accuracy assault rifles and SMG’s since it increases both your fire rate and crit damage, and if you can find a high mag size assault rifle it also saves you alot of ammo.

Three more interesting epic mods I have been chasing:

— A Low-Life mod with 3 points in Desperate Measures, which should yield a 99% gun damage bonus for a 1 HP build.

— A Tactician mod with 5 Phalanx because who doesn’t want 20% gun damage and 30% shields per stack or free Phalanx stacks on their Bottomless Mags/Demo Woman build?

— A Baby Boomer mod with 3 Torgue Cross Promotion with splash damage and/or radius bonuses because EXPLOSIONS!?