Epic equivalent Legendaries

With legendary world drops a plenty it has become very difficult to farm top performing purple weapons. I think legendary equivalents to great purple weapons would be a great addition to the game. Some examples would be X25 Stagecoach, X18 Bangstick, Lump, Hedgehog/Quickie and X16/18 Powerblast(homing mirv).

I really feel like they missed a GREAT opportunity with the Plaguebearer. It’s good and all, but why not make it a suped up Lump? It’s already in the Lump skin, wouldn’t it have been easier to just bump up the damage and give it a dedicated drop?

I know there is a thread about a Stagecoach, but I wish versions of the others mentioned(and more if desired) could be a thing.


Lump - Plaguebearer
Powerblast - Flamma Diddle (right variant)

Dig the sound of the others. Seems like the closest you can really get to a legendary stagecoach is the Garcia with 16 and I’d rather have the stagecoach myself as well. Jakobs shotguns feel like they’re in a pretty rough place overall right now. I’ve had a hard time lovin’ on the bangstick since torgue shotty nerf… its not that they aren’t still ok weapons it s just y’know…torgue go BOOM! It doesnt feel worth the tiny mags/slow projectiles if you don’t get psychotic trademark boom. Its probably just because I main Zane and Amara and havent built a Moze yet. Granted it def doesnt feel like a priority right now; I’m glad the Lob has had its rebirth… and lord knows Tediore needed a star like the Anarchy but Id love to see Jakobs offering some shotgun worlddrops beyond the TK/Tidal Waves which are, quite frankly, hot hot garbage.
yes I know
One Pump

They just don’t hit that spot comparatively

EDIT: Thats ALL from an endgame stance. Early on…they’re a riot

The Plaguebearer is the same as the Scourge, not the same as a Lump. The Garcia is aight, but it’s no x25 Stagecoach.

Protuberance is another that could be on this list.

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The offshoot projectiles are different true. IMO the singularity kind of breeches that gap. I personally find it more like the lump. Slow moving large plasma projectile off an alien barrel, with charge time, designed to damage multiple opponents that uses multiple ammo. But I see where you’re comming from. The main diff for me, I’d maybe damage swap the scourge with crit boost but wouldnt probably try with the plaguebearer. Fair to say stagecoach is just flat the best jakobs shotgun. Agreed on all counts.

Oh I’d love to see a protuberance go legendary. That would be a beast.

The Protuberance would have to have the high damage barrel fixed on parts.

I honestly don’t care for the singularity effect of the Plaguebearer. None of the child rockets hit when the eniny is being flailed around in the air. It’s the center of my Fl4k build so I clearly still get good use of it. I just wish it was a Lump version instead of a Scourge.

Truth. Even with the Agonizer glitch I prefer my lower level Backburner to the plaguebearer. I cant wait to level that thing up. That center drop afterbomb in cryo owns even as is. Slows or freezes with first blast, showers missiles on their friends, then drops the boot at the end. It’s going to be so fun.

Dont get me wrong I’d rather a nicely blended KillOWisp style zaprocket on something as well.

Backburner deals friendly damage as well. Can be great for the ones that never leave their menus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ha! Hadnt even considered that. Nice.

Jericho on Mortar mode does it as well.