Epic Game Store refusing my refund

The game won’t run on my computer; it freezes during the claptrap load screen in both DX11 and DX12. Changing my audio device didn’t help, either. I have run out of fixes to attempt.

Yesterday, I initiated a refund request with the Epic Game Store.

I was told that since I had spent more than two hours “playing” (trying to get the game to to main menu) I was not eligible.

That’s $100 I am out for a game I can’t play.

What do I do? I have contacted the NC BBB, the FTC and my state’s AG office. I have tried tweeting about it, but I’m not a twitter guy and have no following. I got one of the useless email CS people to bump me up to his (supposed) manager and was told no, still, despite explaining that what they were attempting is blatantly illegal in my state. I tried contacting Gearbox support to see if by any chance they could tell Epic to gimme my dang money, no response yet.

What do?


Did u pay with credit card? If so u can get the credit card company to get it back for you.


Debit card, never had to chargeback before (I plan to try, but Monday when my bank is open) but my research suggests I might not get all my money back, and that is insulting.

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I purchased Metro from Epic and had it charge me THREE times. I called them and they said their records didn’t show it but they would look into it for me.

Two weeks later I emailed again and I was told I was wrong on my side again and the issue was closed.

I called my bank and they told me in 10 seconds that yes, Epic had charged me 3 times identical prices and all within a minute.

They immediately refunded me and said they would deal with Epic.

Two months later I got an email from Epic saying they apologize but they think they might have double charged me for Metro…

Do yourself a favor and buy from Steam. They have the same 2 hour condition, but I have never had them deny me when I appealed the decision and I always got my refund within a day. If 2K/Gearbox want to work with a company that rips people off like Epic does (I have had 2 friends with their own issues involving purchasing a game) it just shows what kind of company they are.

Unfortunately 2K and EA are now on equal footing in my eyes, and Gearbox is right with them because they want to ignore/defend sK’s decisions.


sorry to hear it

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Thanks guys! Sometimes it’s nice just to have someone reassure me I’m not totally nuts or losing perspective. You know how it is sometimes, there’s always that one guy that’s gotta be all “oh well you should’ve read the TOS” as if that has anything to do with whether the TOS is ethical or even legal.


I just got the same thing said to me it was the 59.99 version and jeezzzz this is scummy. Majority of the time spent in game was trying to fix their ■■■■■■ optimization. Game has so much stutter lag. I’ve done everything in my power to make it work and my computer specs are coffee lake i5 8500k, Asus strix rog z390 gaming mobo, 16 gigs ddr4, 1 tb ssd and 2 gig sata, paired with a RTX 2080 XC. This is the first game ive encountered lag this severe. No refund Ill take the 60 buck loss but they lost faith in a customer for life.


That REALLY sucks, man, sorry to hear it. FWIW their behavior might be illegal in your state; it definitely violates the consumer protection laws in Maine. Like I said above, if you have the energy file an FTC and BBB complaint and possibly a consumer law complaint with your state’s attorney general’s office. If you’re European, odds are you have even STRONGER protections in place.

That kind of stuff makes ME feel better, like I am doing something to fight back even if it doesn’t do anything in the end. But if you don’t feel like doing all that crap, I understand.

I am having the same problem. Bought Borderlands 3 for my son. Crashed at claptrap screen every single time. Tried everything support asked me too. It was entirely too much in the end and I am well within Epic Games refund policy. Less than 14 days, and certainly less than 2 hours okay since he could NEVER play. They are refusing and I do not have any explanation.


wait, they have a refund policy? i didnt think they did that or i would have gotten a refund of another game…

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It is because Epic counts time watching that screen fail to load over and over as play time. The only way to get your money back is to initiate a chargeback through your card’s provider. This will result in having your epic account banned, so is only feasible if you own no other games.

If you own other games via Epic, you need to do what I did and contact your state’s attorney general’s office. I am in this process currently. Epic’s terms of service regarding refunds are not legal in many states of the USA, and in the EU.

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Their policy is essentially to refund anything unless it was bought more than 14 days prior or “played” for more than two hours, the thing that makes it illegal is they count time in game troubleshooting freezes and crashes as PLAY time. BL3 has yet to load menu for me, it’s provable cuz I have no shyft account, I exceed all minimum specs, and I asked for refund in less than 48 hours. Their refusal is illegal, and I am pretty sure the Maine state AG will fight for me in this one. Maine is crazy proud of consumer rights in general and this is a super blatant violation.

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There is an easy fix to this and it has been mentioned everywhere and people were warned about Epic before any of this actually happened…

You decide the service you are going to get based on where you do your purchasing at. Epic has a history with a lot of people about problems and people wanted to just turn a blind eye to it and now they are seeing the results.

Steam might have pissed some people off but myself and everyone I know that uses it has never had a problem with the customer service. I have had multiple games with 6-8 hours of “played” time, which was actually a lot of time in loading screens and they still refunded me as have my friends.

If you ever get your money back blacklist Epic and just wait for Steam. We are seeing more and more irritation with all these exclusives and a few dev’s have said they won’t do it period.

I have said it before but here is the gist…

Steam charges the companies more so they can create more content for US the consumer which they put back into the steam console in the form perks.

Epic helps the game companies at the expense of the consumer.


If you know a fix say it, neither I nor epic support have found one so far. It doesn’t load in EITHER directx as mentioned in OP

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Epic refused my refund too. went 5 minutes over. Can’t even get to the main menu. I will never buy anything from epic games store ever again. Take notice 2k.

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None of your rant had anything to do with the topic at hand, none whatsoever. So congrats on that I suppose. I have also been denied a refund from STEAM, when I bought a game on a summer sale and went a few days over the two week limit because I was busy in real life and had no time to troubleshoot the game. I only had 15 minutes of playtime. So their taking a bigger cut from developers has zero to do with a more flexible refund policy, if that’s what is being suggested here.

well 40 min of my ■■■■ was load screens so i never really got to play the game i’m pissed. Stopped payment on the credit card lets see what happens.

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Considering you have to sit through a looong unskippable opening cutscene, the unskippable credit pages, and the fact that this timer is counting against you not just when playing but as long as the .exe is open (whether it is working or not), this policy is total bs. I as well am being told that they refuse to refund me because i am passed the 14 days, two hours limit. I bought it eight days ago, asked for a refund three or four days ago, and have only about 30 minutes in game. Everything else has been either the clap trap load screen or generic ls-0013. No game time, just me trying to get the damn thing to even load. But even though i can’t get INTO the game, the epic store says i have a full four hours in there. Not even play time, but just two or three days of turning it on to see if it works. Some how FOUR hours. Yet, after the $120 edition, they really couldn’t give two ■■■■■… THIS is the epic store. THIS is gear box. I, for one, will not be spending any more money with either and i will continue to pursue the refund, from both their means AND others.

This is EXACTLY why they won’t let you review games. They jnew this wasn’t ready and they let it out anyway.


… The refund policy is the SAME as steam, working the same, the counter starts when the game is running, no matter load screens etc, be careful next time and time your hours with the phone if you plan to refund… it’s your fault, heck if you really want to moan, moan about steam that count the time if you download the game in the game launcher so you are not enable to refund it if your connection is slow as f. the time goes on even if you are downloading, ie a lot of mmo/space dangerous, eso online etc


You guys need to realize that on their end all they see is the amount of time the game software is open. They aren’t actually looking at your game to see if you are playing it, messing with settings, or just sitting AFK on sanctuary for 4 hours.

I had 7 years, 8 months, 14 hours, 33 minutes of play time logged on FFXI the last time I checked the Vana Diel Census they did annually. You think I was actively doing stuff in game that whole time? :stuck_out_tongue: