Epic Game Store -> Steam. Will I get the key?

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Sorry for asking you personally - not sure how to ask whole Gearbox :slight_smile:
Simple question - if I buy BL3 in Epic Game store - will I get a Steam key upon Steam release of the game? I would like to avoid re-buying it twice (sorry, Im willing to pay money for game and DLC, but not for 2 copies of the game). And adding it just as external game will mean that I won’t be able to probperly use overlay, get achievements and etc.

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This thread may have an answer.

Personally I’d expect not. If a game was a platforms exclusive and then came to another platform a year or two after you wouldn’t get the game free for owning it elsewhere. (As a general rule)

Well, yes, on one hand. On the other, some games (sorry, just can’t remember exact names), which are heavy rely on netplay, gave keys to those who already owned non-steam version. That would be quite logical, to be honest. Steam and EGS are not platforms - they are just stores. Platforms are PC, PS and XBOX.
I won’t cry about 2k and GB going to EGS - it’s up to them to descide and calculate risks and profits. But I would feel, well, quite disrespected as a dedicated fan of the franchise, if I’ll have to pay myself for their descision only to be able to play comfortably.

Hence the “as a general rule”.

I know, I’m likening it to that as we’ve got no definitive answer to work from for the sake of convenience.
So, it probably works out better to expect less as it means you’d be pleasantly surprised if you do.

Dedicated fan or not, everyone who is buying it will have to buy it. Some will go for Epic and then Steam, some will wait until Steam (despite wanting to play), some will buy via console initially because they don’t want to support the Epic decision but can’t wait and get it on Steam later.

Some people took the decision so badly as to remove guides, and other materials, from the forums. And these are well renowned, and very dedicated users.

I’d expect this to be the thing they’ll answer closer to launch, or closer to the steam launch. It also depends on the agreed contract between Gearbox, 2K and Epic.
Gearbox care, they have the remaster of Borderlands 1 away free to Steam players. They gave the Commander Lilith dlc free to Handsome Collection owners for the first month. But I’d say to expect the answer to be no, and that way if it does it’s a pleasant surprise.

Either way, I (for one) will appreciate playing Borderlands 3. I’ve had fun with the first two and I don’t see BL3 being the opposite of that experience.

It’s good to be positive and all. But, despite having pre-order in EGS, I’m very sceptical about BL3 now. Battleborn, Pre-Sequel, then EGS and now Denuvo. I’ve seen such pattern waaaay to many times to be optimistic.

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