Epic games refund?

has anyone gotten refunds over the 2 hour playtime limit? i left my game on in a endless loading screen and went over the playtime. i want a full refund cause its obviously not finished. epic said no and 2k was no help.

Are people really that impatient?

Give it at least a week to get patched, you’ll likely buy it again once it has. Unless you REALLY hated what you’ve played of it.

I’ve only ever refunded games I’ve known are crap after playing, like Metal Gear survive (yeah I know, I stupidly thought it’d be OK) - if it’s something that just needs a patch (like Battlefield 4) I’ll play something else til it’s sorted.

Can’t you wait to see if it gets fixed? You never know, an update could drop tonight.

ive lost 2 saves, game crashes constantly,game is buggy and not optimized. you really think i want to stick around? if the game wasnt ready for release then it shouldn’t have been released. its really simple. no one knew the game would be released unfinished. not sure the point of a pre-order other than to play the game right when i comes out. right?

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I was hit with this as well. It’s not just the endless claptrap screen, but if the .exe is on AT ALL, it’s counting against you. Add onto that the super long and unskippable cutscenes everytime you start up, each crash before it finishes, i have about 20-30 minutes of play time but four hours of me just trying to get the damn game to run. Not to mention that they kep saying I’m “passed the 14 day period”, despite the fact I’ve only had the game for eight days, three or four of which have been me fighting for a refund…

It seems like pitchford isn’t just the spokesman but the living embodiment of gearbox…

Epic is correct. As you’ve mentioned you played some of the game and was messing with settings for four hours. The refund policy states that your window is either 2 hours playtime or 14 days

well that’s just it. that time WASN’T spent in game. There were times for me and plenty of other players where you start up the game but it crashes, but the .exe still counts itself as on, despite the fact it’s not working. Or times, where the game is frozen at the claptrap loading screen. The screen to load the game, which means you can’t play it unless you get through that screen. And let’s face it, that two hour, fourteen day limit is for “ANY REASON” returns. This isn’t any reason, this is specifically because the product i bought isn’t working and has yet to do so for more than 20 minutes. Faulty products and regretful purchases are two different things. A lot of the people who are asking for refunds WANT to play the game but literally can’t because of how poorly the quality of the game is at release.

Not only that, but a lot of people, from the sound of it, are well within those limits and still being refused. Not refunding faulty products, more so when you knew the product would be faulty, are grounds for class action lawsuits. And let’s face it, it’s not like the PR on this company is in favor of Gearbox, lately.

funny enough, actually going into the game, they keep track of playtime, which shows less than 2 hours played across all four characters, which i added to the refund request.

I doubt they’ll care, it IS gearbox after all, but less than two hours and 14 days is still with in their guide lines.