Epic Games servers down?

Where is the .exe located?

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It’s located where you install the game… Which could be literally anywhere with enough space.

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I get that. I’m thinking default location. I can only find saved cache files. Looking for a specific default like C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames. Can’t find jack under the epic games folder tree either.

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Yeah I can’t seem to find it either.

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in theory, what pobox013 said about launching directly from the .exe should allow us to play offline directly bypassing the epic launcher and should save the progress locally with the option to upload to the cloud later. Just gota find the file if it exists unless epic figured out some backdoor bs way to make it completely inaccessible without logging into their broken store.

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Restart Epic Games launcher and use this - https://twitter.com/EpicGames/status/1183461807970754562 I think that is the most useful thing they have ever tweeted

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I believe that they did do that I very much doubt there is a local exe.

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I cant log in and i keep getting a blank error code but my freind can launch bl3 just fine rn i dont get it

Should be program files > epic games > borderlands 3. It’s the one with the Borderlands 3 logo. Doesn’t really matter though because it will ask you to login to Epic Games Launcher and won’t show that you installed it in the Epic Games launcher.

Doesn’t work.

There is NOT an exe. Also the sign in later things does nothing…

Did you completely shut down the launcher and then start it again? Worked for me right away.

Ok, big mistake buying from Epic Games…

I’ve been trying this for like two hours now, yes it doesn’t work for anyone but you.


yeah i thought it would actually be functional i hope randy pitchford chokes on his epic games store money

Interesting, usually none of this stuff works for me, but for everyone else.

BTW, the game is working again, seems to be back up.

i cant even log onto the launcher

It works when you are completely offline. Shut off Wifi, remove the LAN cable, then start Epic Launcher in Offline mode and you can launch Borderlands 3 and connect to the Internet afterwards.

Yeh gotta say having all their users not be able to play due to a game like fortnite is pretty ridiculous. Not that I’m a steam fanboy, but it would have never happened on there.